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Friday, May 23, 2008

Northern Ireland Comics Festival

Comic fans who live in Northern Ireland will be pleased to know there's another 2D Comics Festival coming up in Derry in two weeks' time. Guests include Charlie Adlard, Garry Leach, David Hine, Laura Howell and many more. Here's the details from the official website:
2D, The Northern Ireland Comics Festival returns this year and takes place from the 5th – 7th June in the Verbal Arts Centre and other locations here in Derry, N. Ireland. The festival is organised by the Verbal Arts Centre, an educational charity, and is a celebration of comic book culture. It features workshops, signings, sketching, panel discussions and portfolio review sessions. The workshops will be held mainly on Thursday and Friday in the Verbal Arts Centre; panels will be held in a local bar on Friday and Saturday evenings and the festival will culminate on the Saturday with the Open Day. There will be a closing party on Saturday night to round things off.

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