Thursday, October 18, 2018

Combat Colin No.3 to debut at Nottingham Comic Con this Saturday

This Saturday, 20th October, is the date for Nottingham Comic Con, a one-day event that's totally dedicated to comics and their creators. One of the comics on offer will be Combat Colin No.3, which will debut exclusively at the event. 

I'll be bringing along copies of the comic to sell on my table, and they won't be available anywhere else. (You'll be able to buy them from my online shop later next week.) 

Combat Colin No.3 is another 40 page issue (4 colour covers and 36 black and white interiors, U.S. comic book size) for £3.50. It reprints all the Combat Colin strips that originally appeared in Marvel UK's Transformers comic from July 1989 to February 1990. 

This issue reaches the era of Combat Colin stories where the strip really hit its stride, becoming even more fantastic in its themes with battles against monsters and aliens. It sees the introduction of The Gunge, The Brain, The Amazing Dave, and more, explains how the Atomic Underpants work, sees Colin trapped in The Place of No Return, and ends with an adventure on Mars! Fast-paced daft adventures for all ages.

I'll also be bringing along copies of Combat Colin 1 and 2, and Derek the Troll to the convention so see you at Nottingham Comic Con this Saturday! More info about the event here:

Ken Reid's CREEPY CREATIONS ready to pre-order!

Ken Reid fans have been very lucky these past 12 months with no less than three collections of his work published... and here comes a fourth! You can now pre-order Creepy Creations from the publisher's website ahead of its publication date next month. 

The book is in full colour and reprints the excellent illustrations that Ken did for Shiver and Shake back in 1973/74. This ranks amongst his best work and shouldn't be missed! For the purposes of being a comprehensive collection, the volume also includes the fill-ins by Reg Parlett and Robert Nixon, which are worthy additions to the book.
In the back of the book there's also a preview of another humour collection, not by Ken, that's coming in 2019. A book that will delight many... but Rebellion will reveal all about that soon!

Now available to pre-order - Ken Reid's CREEPY CREATIONS!

  • RELEASE DATE: 29th November (UK) 5th December (US)
  • HARDCOVER, 117 pages
  • PRICE: £17.99 (UK) $21.99 (US)
  • ISBN: 9781781086605
  • DIAMOND: OCT181869

10th March 1973 saw the first issue of Shiver and Shake released on the newsstands in Great Britain. Like its stablemate Whizzer and Chips, it was two comics in one, with Shiver mainly consisting of horror-themed comedy strips. On the back page of the comic, readers were treated to ‘A crazy “Monster Piece” for you to cut out and collect!’, and thus the Creepy Creations were born!
That first gloriously gruesome entry from Ken Reid was titled ‘The One-Eyed Wonk of Wigan’. Readers were invited to send in their sketches for further instalments. Winners would receive a pound note for their work and see their creation brought to full-colour life by various Shiver and Shake artists (mainly by Reid).

The Creepy Creations were a grand triumph. Seventy-nine appeared in total, with further entries appearing in annuals and specials.

Free comic in this month's All About History magazine.

I've always felt that the magazine All About History is the closest modern equivalent to Look and Learn. All that was missing was a comic strip. Well, in this month's issue we do get a free comic bagged with the magazine! 

The eight page comic is the story of The Battle of Wakefield 1460, illustrated by John Welding. It was originally commissioned for display at the Old Wakefield Museum, so it's nice to see it in print in a handy A4 comic. 
You can read the strip in full at John's blog, but the free comic in All About History has been re-lettered with a slightly larger, and more legible font.

All About History is published monthly by Future Publishing, and has been running for several years now. It's an excellent, slick magazine covering all areas of history, well illustrated with artwork and photographs. 

All About History No.70 is on sale now from WH Smith and supermarkets. 100 pages, £5.99. 

Incidentally, All About History's sister publication, How It Works magazine, has a feature on the science of Doctor Who this month, and a Dalek cover! You'll also find this on sale in newsagents and supermarkets...

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Toxic in a box

As most of us know, kids comics and magazines these days usually come in a polybag with a bunch of gifts. They're bulky and make the shelves look untidy, but it's what the retail giants want so publishers comply.

Now, Egmont have chosen a different approach for their latest issue of Toxic, as it comes in a cardboard box instead! The reason being that one of the gifts is a chunky hardback Minecraft book that would probably tear open a puny plastic bag. Other gifts are also flat. No toys, so the whole package looks very smart and neat.

Unfortunately my local Smiths and Asda have both chosen to hide Toxic at the back of the shelves in the shadows, which made it very hard to find, and makes it impossible to attract the eye of new readers (which is the whole point of the exercise). Hopefully other shops will display it more prominently.

Admittedly I have a vested interest in this because Toxic is my biggest earner every month, as I contribute Team Toxic to every issue. Here's a preview of the latest one...

It saddens me a bit that most of you will never see Team Toxic because, understandably, you're not the target audience and you're not going to buy it just for a few pages of strip. But thousands of kids do buy it every issue and that's the main thing. 

Toxic No.313, out now, £5.99. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Preview: Doctor Who Magazine No.531

In the shops this Thursday 18th October, Doctor Who Magazine No.531 will be a collectable edition for all Whovians and comic fans. It features the debut of the 13th Doctor in comic strip form in the start of a new story, The Warmonger, written by Scott Gray and drawn by John Ross. 

Here's a taste of it, from John Ross' pencils before the strip was inked, coloured, and lettered...

The issue also features another Daft Dimension strip by me, once again featuring the Daleks. Here's one panel...

Articles this issue include exclusive previews of the next four episodes of Doctor Who, an interview with Bradley Walsh (who plays Graham in the new series), an interview with John Levine, a feature on the 50th anniversary of UNIT, and much more! 

Doctor Who Magazine No.531, 84 pages for £5.99, available from newsagents, comic shops, and supermarkets across the UK from Thursday 18th October.

Follow the magazine's Twitter feed:

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