Monday, September 01, 2014

New Pocket Books from Panini

Panini UK have just announced the publication of three new Marvel Pocket Books. If you haven't encountered these books before they're excellent full colour paperback compilations of classic Marvel strips. Bookshops will be able to order them for you if they don't have them in stock already, and they'll also be available on Amazon.

I'm particularly pleased to see a Deathlok the Demolisher collection for this, his 40th anniversary year. This cyborg saga was my favourite Marvel comic back in 1974, and seemed so modern and edgy for its time. 

Here's all the info from Samuel Taylor who worked on the books...

Fans of classic Marvel comics!
We at Panini Towers are proud to announce the release of three new Pocketbooks – Rocket Raccoon: Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant (Rocket Raccoon #1-4, Tales to Astonish #13, Marvel Preview #7 and Incredible Hulk #271), Uncanny X-Men: The Trial of Magneto (X-Men #195-200) and Deathlok the Demolisher (Astonishing Tales #25-28 and #30-35)!
Whether you’ve fallen for Rocket Raccoon after his breakout appearance in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, discovered the dastardly Deathlok in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or want to learn the final fate of the X-Men’s greatest enemy, there’s something for everyone in our latest batch of Marvel pocketbooks! Available from all good bookshops and online retailers, Panini's pocketbooks remain one of the best deals in all of comicdon!
They're available right now, so go out there and MAKE YOURS MARVEL!
PS If you're in the market for some mighty Marvel mastery, the ISBN numbers are as follows...
Rocket Raccoon: Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant - 978-1-84653-193-4
Uncanny X-Men: The Trial of Magneto - 978-1-84653-204-7
Deathlok the Demolisher: Origins – 978-1-84653-194-1

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Scenes from Sheffield

I enjoyed my day at the Sheffield Film and Comic Con yesterday. The event is in its second day today but I was only there for the Saturday. As always it was good to catch up with fellow comic pros and chat with readers. Thanks to all of you who asked for a sketch. It was also nice to chat with Doctor Who's Sophie Aldred and Frazer Hines who briefly dropped by my table. (As many of you will know, Sophie provided the voice for Dennis the Menace in the 2009 Dennis and Gnasher cartoon TV series).

I was at my table most of the day but here's a few photos I took whist having a break. 

It was great to catch up with artist Lee Sullivan again after several years. I've known Lee since the Marvel UK days. A fantastic artist. Here he is with a sketch of Peter Capaldi he was working on for a fan. Check out Lee's work at his website:

My table position was sandwiched between two major talents, with Lee Sullivan on my left and the fantastic Yishan Li on my right. Here's Yishan doing one of her superb portrait sketches of one of the many who stopped by her table yesterday. Visit her website here:

The mighty Paul Grist was there too. I haven't seen him for a long time so it was good to chat and purchase the copies of The Weird World of Jack Staff that I'd missed. It's an excellent comic that homages the classic comic heroes of the past and is a must buy for every UK comic enthusiast. Copies of Paul's books are available on Amazon

Cosplayers are a big thing at these events now, with many spending hours designing their costumes in preparation for a show. I particularly liked this Dan Dare outfit. (Sorry I didn't catch your name. Email me if you wish me to add it.) In retrospect perhaps I should have chosen a better background for the photo rather than outside the Ladies! Sorry Colonel Dan! 

Two people were inside a Star Wars walker they'd designed out of card! Here it is, striding off to encounter the Hulk!

While not as packed as the London Expo, the Sheffield event was still very busy. Here's a few shots I took of the hall...

This was the first Sheffield event but there's already one scheduled for next year, on 15th / 16th August 2015! Here's the flyer...

The organisers, Showmasters, ( also have many other events on the calendar for the next 12 months. Here's the list for you to keep the dates in your diaries...

My thanks to Mike Conroy and Cassandra Conroy for the invite and hospitality. Good to see you both again. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Original art for sale

A quick note that one of my original Viz pages is on eBay at the moment and the bids ends on Sunday evening (UK time). It's a complete Suicidal Syd page, black ink on Bristol Board. (Adult humor.) All bids appreciated, and if you are going for it, good luck! 

Click here to visit my eBay site. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sheffield Film and Comic Con

A quick reminder that it's the Sheffield Film and Comic Con this weekend at the Motorpoint Arena. Now I'm hoping to attend tomorrow but I'm pretty busy at the moment with deadlines for Monday morning so it all depends on how much I get done tonight. 

Not that I'm complaining about being busy of course, but it's typical that I've a lot on just as I was scheduled to be at the con. 

Anyway, hopefully I'll be there tomorrow. Here's a few other comics folk who will be attending: Nick Percival, Yishan Li, Al Ewing, Paul Grist, Lee Sullivan and Staz Johnson. (Dave Taylor and Ian Edgington were also due to attend but they've both had to cancel.)

From the world of TV and film: Eve Myles, Anthony Head, Paul McGann, Sophie Aldred, and many more.

For full details, check out the event's website:

Alan Moore, Channel 4

Screen grab from the interview. © Channel 4 News
Last week the ever-brilliant Alan Moore was interviewed on Channel 4 News about his new film. Now the five minute interview has been uploaded to the news channel's official You Tube page, so if you missed it you can watch it here: 
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