Saturday, September 23, 2017

Rogue Trooper returns to 2000AD next week!

There's a fantastic new Rogue Trooper strip by James Robinson and Leonardo Manco coming up in 2000AD Prog 2050 next Wednesday, 27th September. Sadly it's only a one off, but to my mind it's the best strip in this issue.

Not that the other contents are to be sniffed at of course! Celebrating 2050 issues, this is the perfect jumping-on point for new (and old) readers, with all new stories kicking off. Here's a preview of what to expect in this extra-sized £3.99 issue...


In this issue:

JUDGE DREDD: ICON by TC Eglinton (w) Colin MacNeil (a), Chris Blythe (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)

ROGUE TROOPER: A SOLDIER’S DUTY by James Robinson (w) Leonardo Manco (a) Simon Bowland (l) (See image at the top of this post.)

GREY AREA: HOMELAND SECURITY by Dan Abnett (w) Mark Harrison (a) Annie Parkhouse (l)

SLÁINE: ARCHON by Pat Mills (w) Simon Davis (a) Ellie De Ville (l)

INDIGO PRIME: A DYING ART by John Smith, Kek-W (w) Lee Carter (a) Simon Bowland (l)

SINISTER DEXTER: DOWN IN THE DUMPS by Dan Abnett (w) Steve Yeowell (a) John Charles (c) Ellie De Ville (l)

THE FALL OF DEADWORLD: HOME by Kek-W (w) Dave Kendall (a) Annie Parkhouse (l)

plus a short ZENITH feature by Martin Howe and Steve Yeowell.

Available in print from: UK newsagents and all good comic book stores via Diamond 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

See you in Preston this Saturday!

Wow, there are at least four comics events around the country this weekend (who sez the UK comics community is dead?). You'll find me at Preston Comic Con on Saturday 23rd September, at the Guild Hall, along with all these fine folk. Come along and say hello! I'll be bringing my comics and doing sketches on request. 

More info on Preston Comic Con here:

Hammer Glamour for Captain Kronos

Titan's upcoming Captain Kronos comic will feature special 'Hammer Glamour' variant covers showcasing Caroline Munro, whose long film career included the role of 'Carla' in the 1974 Captain Kronos movie. Caroline will be one of the guests at Preston Comic Con this Saturday (23rd September) so come along and meet her! (I'll be there too, but I'm nowhere near as glamourous.)

Titan's Captain Kronos monthly comic launches very soon. Here's the info for issue No.4, scheduled for December...

(W) Dan Abnett (A/CA) Tom Mandrake
In the depths of Eastern Europe, the legendary vampire hunter, Captain Kronos and his two assistants, Grost and Carla, are called upon to help rid a town of its vampire plague. 
However, beneath the surface of the beleaguered town a malevolent force far more evil and deadly is awakening and it might just be the match of Kronos...
In Shops: Dec 27, 2017

Here's the standard cover for that issue, by Tom Mandrake...

Retro Tales!

If you're at the Cardiff Film and Comic Con this weekend, don't miss your chance to buy Retro Tales No.1 from its creator, Simon Williams! This fantastic first issue features the Discotronic Funk Commandos as well as YMCAgent in thrill-packed fun fests that are so retro they'll make your clackers go crazy! 

You may remember Simon Williams as one of the artists on Panini's home-grown Marvel comics of a few years ago. I really think he's one of the best superhero artists in the UK. Heck, he could teach some of the U.S. artists a thing or two too. A man perfectly suited to draw The Incredible Hulk. Are you listening, Marvel? 

At present, Retro Tales will only be available from Simon at the Cardiff show, but hopefully it'll be available via mail order or something soon. 

(I won't be at Cardiff myself but I'll be up in Preston at the same time for Preston Comic Con. So many comics events around these days!) 

Find out more about Simon Williams' amazing artwork at his website:

COMMANDO No.5055 to 5058 out this week

Here's the latest info on the four issues of Commando that will be out this week. In answer to a few who expressed surprise that "Command os still going?", D.C. Thomson publish eight issues a month (four every fortnight) of this, Britain's longest-running adventure comic! Every other issue is brand new, alternating with a reprint.

5055: Home of Heroes: Falsely Accused

 May, 1940. The Third Reich invades France, unstoppable as they progressed over the unforgiving French soil. Forced to retreat to the coast, the British Expeditionary Force faced intense struggle from the invading Nazis. That’s when Private Bill Greaves’ unit was obliterated by an incoming Junkers, leaving him the sole survivor. Desperate to regroup, Bill’s worries are far from over when, seeking shelter, he finds more enemies in the form of two deserters looting a French Manor…

Written and drawn by Jaume Forns, with cover art by David Alexander, the story and art merge perfectly, complimenting each other under Forns’ auteuristic control, while Alexander’s traditional art cover shows the claustrophobic intensity of the ruined French village.

|Story | Jaume Forns | Art | Jaume Forns | Cover | David Alexander |

5056: Gold Collection: Dangerous Dawn

“Name – Laker.
Rank – Petty Officer.
Number – 178305. And that’s all I’m supposed to say.”

When Petty Officer Gordon Laker is captured by a Japanese patrol boat, surrender is never an option – but neither is escape. Hell-bent on revenge for his sunken submarine crew, Laker isn’t ready to give up and if his Japanese captors think he’s going to a P.O.W. camp, then they don’t know their port from their starboard! No, Laker is ready to take that boat, sail for the nearest Allied port and get back to battle.

With artwork by Gonzalez, whose minimal shading and refined attention to facial expression makes Lester’s rag-tag prisoners come alive. Complimenting is Lopez Espi’s 1960s cover, with a blood red sky and jagged waves thrashing against our brave hero.

|Story | Lester | Art | Gonzalez | Cover | Lopez Espi |
Originally Commando No 380 (January 1969) Reprinted No 1099 (February 1977)

5057: Action and Adventure: Jungle Heat

Patrolling the South Pacific in their Catalina, bickering R.A.A.F. pilots Dave Keating and Roger Smith’s plane crashes into the Papua New Guinea jungle, an island occupied by the Japanese. The survivors manage to radio for help – but it will be two days before reinforcements arrive. Until then, they must face tropical heat, poisonous wildlife, dehydration, booby-traps, Japanese patrols and each other…

Manuel Benet’s interior and cover art is, as always, dynamic with crisp lines, distinct shading and memorable character design, adding to the roguish rivalry of Colin Watson’s leading duo.

|Story | Colin Watson | Art | Manuel Benet | Cover |Manuel Benet |

5058: Silver Collection: Escape Line

A series of lifelines run by French Resistance men, “COBWEB” helped ferry downed aircrew back to Britain by crossing the Pyrenees into neutral Spain. Helping them is Marcel Dupont, a former French journalist recently released from captivity in Spain after being betrayed when escaping the Civil War. Now, leading a group of Allies across the perilous mountains, Marcel’s guide seems hauntingly familiar… Could he be the same man who led him to capture so many years ago?

A twisting story that will keep you guessing, Alan Hemum’s Silver Age issue takes inspiration from classic westerns, with artwork from Garijo that really draws from the beauty and danger of the Pyrenees– and all wrapped up in an Ian Kennedy cover to boot!

|Story | Alan Hemus | Art | Garijo| Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No 2650 (March 1993)

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