Friday, August 17, 2018

Cover of Comic Scene No.2 revealed

The publishers of Comic Scene have just revealed the cover to issue 2, on sale next month. This one spotlights The Beano on its 80th anniversary and there are also many other features on humour comics. I was interviewed on my Doctor Who Magazine work for this one. 

You can pre-order it now from their website: 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Pow! The Esper Commandos return

Rebellion's The Vigilant comic brings back many old characters from the 1970s but the most obscure revival must be The Esper Commandos who make a brief cameo appearance halfway through the story. (See above.)

The Esper Commandos have only ever appeared once before, in Pow! Annual 1971, published in Autumn 1970. This 9 page story drawn by Enric Badia Romero introduced us to a team with super powers. The strip appeared alongside several other British superhero stories in the annual, - but none were ever seen again. 

Rebellion don't own anything from the weekly Pow! comic which ended in 1968, but as the characters in this annual first appeared after January 1970 it appears that they do own the strips from that book. A very interesting development! Does this mean we could soon see the return of Magno, Marksman, and even Norstad, Ruler of the Deep? (It would also be nice to see a reprint of this entire annual for those who don't have it, although I'm guessing it'd have to be renamed as the Pow! title isn't Rebellion's.) 

Time will tell!

Check out The Vigilant No.1, on sale in newsagents and comic shops right now! 

For more info on Pow! Annual 1971, see my old post here:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Summer's here, and so is the Beano Christmas Special!

Usually published in October in time for the Christmas gift market, this year's Beano Christmas Special is actually on sale now, in mid-August! You'll find it in WH Smith where it should be alongside the latest weekly (not instead of the weekly, as was the case in my local branch. Sigh.). 

The 68 page bookazine is of course packed with seasonal fun, - that's the festive season, not the current summer season. All-new material including a long story featuring Dennis and Gnasher drawn by Nigel Parkinson set in Victorian Beanotown. 

There's also Christmas stories for The Bash Street Kids, Rubi's Screwtop Science, Bananaman, Minnie the Minx, Calamity James, and more. (Nothing in there by me I'm afraid, before you ask.)

There's also lots of activity pages plus an A4 insert of 23 free stickers.

Just to clear up some confusion from some quarters; this is not the annual, nor does it replace the annual. The regular Beano Annual will be in the shops next month (and is already available to buy online).

...and of course the regular weekly Beano is also still running. The latest issue of which came out today. Here's the cover to look out for... 

Beano Christmas Special 2018 - £4.99

Beano No.3948 - £2.75

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The TEMPEST No.3 cover preview

Knockabout have released a preview of the cover to The Tempest No.3, the latest chapter in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Once again Kevin O'Neill uses it as a superb opportunity to homage the style of British comics of the past. In this case, girls comics of the 1970s.

To pre-order it from your nearest comic shop, quote this order code:
Diamond order code: AUG180830

$4.99. Ships OCTOBER 2018 Ask your comic shop to order today! 

(W) Alan Moore (A/CA) Kevin O'Neill
Like something from an unbelievable parallel world where there were once comic publications exclusively for girls, this third jaw-dropping instalment of Moore and O'Neill's astonishing swan-song takes us from a boarding school in Big Brother-dominated England to a civic ball with a Frankenstein monster in Toyland, pausing for some 1960s pop-art espionage and a breath-taking musical interlude along the way. Concluding with a demonstration of an unusual nuclear defense system (for which the reader will require 4-D spectacles thoughtfully provided) and containing Seven Stars classic "Showdown in Space," you dare not miss issue three of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. IV: The Tempest.

'Appy Anniversary, Ally!

It's the anniversary of Ally Sloper, Britain first ongoing comics character, who made his debut this week in 1867. Thanks to John Freeman for discovering the following website that's full of Sloperness and has a scan of that very first story...

Earlier this year I had a go at drawing the esteemed Mr.Sloper myself, which you can see at the top of this post.

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