Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BATTLE cover selection 1975 to 1979

Right from its early issues in 1975, Battle Picture Weekly used a combination of terse captions and striking artwork to deliver dynamic, eye-catching front covers. Admittedly, D.C. Thomson's Warlord had been the inspiration (see here), but IPC's Battle took it to another level, making previous kids' comics look sedate in comparison. 

Here's a selection of some of the best Battle covers...

Art: Geoff Campion
Art: Carlos Ezquerra

Art: Carlos Ezquerra

Art: Geoff Campion

Art: Carlos Ezquerra

Art: Mike Western

Art: Ian Kennedy

Art: Joe Colquhoun

Art: Carlos Ezquerra

Art: Mike McMahon

Composite artwork.

Art: Joe Colquhoun

Art: Carlos Ezquerra

All covers scanned from my own collection of comics.
Artwork © Rebellion A/S

If it's Wednesday it must be BEANO day!

Cover by Nigel Parkinson.
Here's the cover of this week's Beano, taken from the lively website. Another 36 pages packed with all-new fun stuff! Pressing deadlines mean that I haven't had chance to go into town to buy a copy yet but if my strips are being published in the order I did them, this should be an accurate preview of today's stories...

Ivy the Terrible has a nightmare. What could possibly have caused that? Are there clues in this panel? 

Tubby finds a piece of rope! It's tug of war time in Pup Parade!

Beano No.3877, - out now! Only £2.50.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Previews: COMMANDO Nos.5003 to 5006

Just in from Commando HQ, the latest info on the four issues of the comic that will be in newsagents this Thursday, 23rd March. Thomsons have sent a new look press release this time, in the form of a jpeg rather than a Word document, so you'll have to click on it to read it full size. On the positive front, it shows preview panels from each of the stories...

5003 Home of Heroes: American Eagles
Story – Steven Taylor
Art – Jaume Forns
Cover – Janek Matysiak

5004 Gold Collection: Trouble Squadron
Story – Boothby
Art – Auraleon
Cover – Ken Barr

5005 Action And Adventure: Urban Gunners
Story – Ferg Handley
Art – Manuel Benet
Cover – Manuel Benet

5006 Silver Collection: Go Down Fighting!
Story – Ian Clark
Art – Peter Foster
Cover – Jeff Bevan

Comic event in Sheffield this Saturday

I know some of you aren't interested in attending comic conventions but if any of you are visiting Sheffield this Saturday I'll be at Robot: Illustration and Creative Arts Convention at the Millennium Gallery. Other guests will include Fiona Stephenson, David Leach, Mychailo Kazybrid, Peter Doherty, Bambos Georgiou and more. There'll also be loads of exhibitors and indie comics publishers. Come along and meet us for sketches and comics!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Fake news!

According to today's Metro, I designed Dennis the Menace's iconic red and black jumper. That's quite an accomplishment I should be proud of... considering it happened in 1951, eight years before I was born!

The article even quotes me on stuff. I've never even spoken to the Metro but my quotes are from a BBC item from a while back. However, Metro didn't do their research properly, and somehow confused me with David Law. Heck, they even reckon that Dennis "made his debut" on the back of a cigarette packet, intimating it was published like that.

The facts: when The Beano were creating Dennis the Menace in 1951, editor Ian Chisholm did a rough sketch of the character on the back of a fag packet to show artist David Law what he wanted. As we know, David Law did a fantastic job on the character, later adding the distinctive striped jumper.

While the Metro mistake amused me, there's also a serious edge to it because it denies David Law his credit, and there's a possibility the error will be copied by other sources in the future. Ironically, the Metro's tagline is "News... but not as you know it".

Unless, of course, I'm a time-traveller and the story is true. With the crackpot way the 21st Century has gone so far anything is possible. 

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