Monday, August 19, 2019


Here's the cover to Doctor Who Magazine No.542, which arrives in shops on Thursday 22nd August. 

Contents include...

Exclusive interviews with Billie Piper and Camille Coduri ahead of Big Finish‘s new audio series Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon!

Bonnie Langford answers questions from the TARDIS tin.

The mag investigates Robert Holmes’ final mystery - The Robots of Ravolox.

PLUS comic strip action with the 13th Doctor by Scott Grey, and another Daft Dimension from me where the Daleks go to Blackpool! 
Doctor Who Magazine No.542. 84 pages for £5.99, available from WH Smith, supermarkets, selected newsagents and comic shops. Don't miss it!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Combat Colin comic orders update

Thank you to everyone who's ordered copies of my Combat Colin comics recently. I've had a few delays in sending them out (holiday, deadlines, and now a chest infection) but most have been dispatched and the rest are ready to go this week. Thank you for your patience! 

Several of you have ordered back issues too, which is great. This meant that Combat Colin No.2 had to go to a second printing, and it looks like issue 1 will have to go to a third printing soon too! The new printings all have matt-laminated covers so they look really nice. 

In case you'd somehow missed my previous plugs for these comics, I'm reprinting all my old Combat Colin strips that originally appeared in Action Force and The Transformers back in 1987 to 1991. We're currently at issue 4 and there'll be two more issues next year to complete the run. All the pages are scanned from my original art, where possible. (Sadly, some of my later pages went missing from the Marvel UK offices, or were inadvertently destroyed after use, so those pages will be scanned from the comics.) 

If you haven't ordered the comics yet, you can get them exclusively from me at my web shop at this link:

Cover Preview: 2000AD Prog 2145

A fantastic cover by Chris Weston is coming your way this Wednesday when 2000AD Prog 2145 goes on sale, - but you don't have to wait until then because here's an advance preview thanks to Rebellion. 

It's another packed issue and here's what to expect inside...

UK and DIGITAL: 21st August 2019 £2.85
NORTH AMERICA: 21st September 2019 $32.80 (per pack)

In this issue:
JUDGE DREDD:  CONTROL by Rob Williams (w) Chris Weston (a) Chris Blythe (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)
INDIGO PRIME: FALL OF THE HOUSE OF VISTA by Kek-W (w) Lee Carter (a) Ellie De Ville (l)
SINISTER DEXTER: DOLORES 4 EVER by Dan Abnett (w) Steve Yeowell (a) John Charles (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)
FUTURE SHOCKS: THE SWITCH by Erica Schultz (w) Liana Kengas (a) Simon Bowland (l)
JAEGIR: VALKYRIE by Gordon Rennie (w) Simon Coleby (a) Len O'Grady (c) Ellie De Ville (l)

Available in print from: newsagents and comic book stores via Diamond
Available in digital from: 2000 AD webshop and apps for iPadAndroidWindows 10

Friday, August 16, 2019

Advance Preview: JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE No.411

UK and DIGITAL: 21st August 2019 £5.99
NORTH AMERICA: 21st September 2019 $13

In this issue:

JUDGE DREDD: RED QUEEN'S GAMBIT by Arthur Wyatt (w) Jake Lynch (a) John Charles (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)

DEMARCO, P.I. by Laura Bailey (w) Paul Williams (a) Ellie De Ville (l)

DIAMOND DOGS by James Peaty (w) Warren Pleece (a) Simon Bowland (l)

THE RETURNERS: CHANDU by Si Spencer (w) Nicolo Assirelli (a) Eva De La Cruz (c) Simon Bowland (l)

ANDERSON, PSI-DIV by Maura McHugh (w) Patrick Goddard (a) Pippa Mather (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)

Features: Interviews with Nick Landau, Doug Braithwaite; New Comics: The Vigilant: Legacy

Bagged reprint: Defoe: The Damned
Available in print from: newsagents and comic book stores via Diamond
Available in digital from: 2000 AD webshop and apps for iPadAndroidWindows 10

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


After the success of the Vigilant special that appeared last year, a second issue arrives on the shelves of WH Smith and comic shops today! The Vigilant: Legacy is a 64 page full colour comic with all-new material featuring reboots of classic characters such as The Leopard from Lime Street. Look out for Robot Archie and Tri-Man amongst others making an appearance this time too! 

Here's the info from the 2000AD website:

After their smash hit debut last year, The Vigilant return in August, resurrecting the greatest home-grown superheroes Britain has to offer – a team unlike any other, a challenge none have faced before!

Even if superhero comics have never been your thing, take up the call of The Vigilant with this 64-page special featuring Simon Furman (Transformers), Simon Coleby (The Royals), Will Sliney (Spider-Man 2099), Len O'Grady (Jaegir) and Simon Bowland (Doom Patrol).

Many years ago, a team of strange, super-powered beings were brought together by the original Dr. Sin in order to stop a reality-spanning apocalyptic event known as "The Blood Rapture." That incarnation of The Vigilant were successful in their mission, but it came at a great cost. Years later, the evil Nazi genius Von Hoffman is now searching for dangerous artifacts which will enable him to kick-start Armageddon once again.

While the new Dr. Sin and his fresh team of ragtag heroes are tested by new threats and interpersonal conflicts, Hoffman creeps closer to achieving his diabolical goal. With the complete unraveling of all reality on the line, the stakes have never been higher for The Vigilant!

If you can't get to the shops you can order it directly from the publisher at this link:


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

ROK THE GOD is coming!

One of the most enjoyable new British comics of recent years was Rok of the Reds, which ran as a six issue mini-series in 2016/17. With clear, engaging scripts by John Wagner and Alan Grant, dynamic art by Dan Cornwell, and fantastic colours by Abigail Bulmer, mixing football with science fiction it was like a traditional UK comics tale but with a modern look. 

Now there's to be a sequel, with the same creative team back again for Rok the God. This time it'll be published as a 120 page graphic novel rather than a series of comics, avoiding the wait between issues. Rok the God will be launching on Kickstarter on October 2nd, with the book to be published in 2020. 

I'll post more about this exciting project as it develops. For now, here's a cover preview (above) and the PR (below)...

 The second ‘season’ of John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell’s surprisingly popular Alien footie saga will be launching on Kickstarter on October 2. The story, to be published as a complete graphic novel and titled Rok the God, tells the tale of the death of Rok’s mother, the redoubtable Lady Vorga, and Rok’s elevation to Godhood. 

Sounds great – who wouldn’t want to be a god? Well, Rok for one. And with good reason. For accepting Godhood earns him the enmity of the cunning and murderous Skrel. Can the Skrel extinguish a God? They’re certainly going to try.
None of this is conducive to Radford Reds’ promotion hopes – nor indeed is the takeover of the club by the vile and rapacious Malcolm Griedy. 

Meanwhile, up in Higher Wood, there’s a hilarious pint-sized buddy movie kicking off!

Rok the God is every bit as funny and exciting as its predecessor Rok of the Reds, the story of the world’s first alien footballer. It’s beautifully drawn and coloured again by Dan Cornwell and Abby Bulmer. US comic size, 120 pages plus with a possible hard cover option. New publisher RedRok Comics is hoping to launch in summer, 2020.

Monday, August 12, 2019


The second volume of stories from the short-lived 1980s comic Wildcat is coming in a few weeks from The Treasury of British Comics. Wildcat: Loner is a fabulous collection of strips illustrated by David Pugh and Eric Bradbury, from scripts by Barrie Tomlinson. 

This is some of David Pugh's most imaginative and detailed work, and of course you can't go wrong with Eric Bradbury who takes over the Loner strip later in the book. Barrie Tomlinson's scripts keep the story moving along at a fast, exciting pace, with clearly-told plots... the way good comics should be! Wildcat merged into Eagle, and the chapters from that comic are included as well, along with a full colour cover gallery.

CREATIVE TEAM: Barrie Tomlinson (w) David Pugh, Eric Bradbury (a)
RELEASE DATE: 5th September 2019
PAPERBACK, 224 pages
PRICE: £14.99 (UK)
ISBN: 9781781086841

The second volume in the complete stories from Wildcat! Silver age comics meets Alice in Wonderland in this weird and Crusoe-esque absurdist science fiction! Ex-mercenary Loner always works alone. Even if it means being on an alien planet as the sole member of one of the spacecraft Wildcat’s exploration teams! With only his customised six-shooter, “Babe”, and some alien fur balls as company, Loner must contend with psychic aliens, subterranean monstrosities, and angry shapeshifters. He might be the toughest, but can he survive being shrunk, melted, and transformed on a planet that seems to want him dead? Join humanity’s last surviving ex-mercenary on a surreal and grotesque adventure down the alien rabbit hole…, 

Available in print from: book stores, Amazon, and UK comic book stores via Diamond

Available in digital from: Treasury of British Comics webshop & apps for iPadAndroid and Windows 10

The BLACK WIDOW Epic Collection is coming!

With a Black Widow movie finally appearing in 2020 starring Scarlett Johansson, it was inevitable that Marvel would capitalise on their vintage stories for a reprint collection. Therefore in February 2020 look out for Black Widow Epic Collection Volume 1: Beware the Black Widow, a 424 page softback. It'll reprint Natasha Romanov's earliest appearances in Marvel comics, starting with her debut as a villain in the Iron Man stories from Tales of Suspense, through to her appearances with The Avengers, and her 1970 solo series from Amazing Adventures

I'll predict that some of the more contemporary Black Widow stories might turn up in Panini UK's Mighty World of Marvel around that time too. 

OK, this has nothing to do with British comics but I'm betting that some of you are fans of the Black Widow anyway so I thought I'd spread the news. Normal service will be resumed with the next post. :) 
©Marvel Studios.


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Striker: The Final Whistle

They think it's all over... it is now. 

The seemingly indestructible independent football comic Striker has published its final issue as a 52 page special. The concept has a long pedigree, starting out as a daily strip in The Sun in 1985, then becoming an indie weekly comic in 2003 for 87 issues. Then it returned to The Sun as a strip in 2005 until 2009, transferred to lads mag Nuts in 2010 for several months, went on hiatus until 2013 when it returned once again to The Sun until 2016. Was then relaunched as a weekly comic again in 2018, went on hiatus after 24 issues, and is now back for the final special. 

One has to give Striker's creator Pete Nash his due. He's stood by his creation for 34 years and has endured a lot of problems from publishers and distributors, not to mention the considerable expense, in order to bring his vision to his dedicated fans. Speaking of which, those fans deserve a round of applause too, for helping to support the comic through investing in shares and via Kickstarter.  

Some people seem to think that football comics are sure sellers in the UK. Not so. Roy of the Rovers has really been the only one with longevity. Scorcher lasted for four years, but titles such as Score 'n' Roar, Hot-Shot, and Champ had very brief runs. (Tiger had a very long run but that's because it wisely cast its net to cover a variety of sports stories, not just football.) Although on the pocket-sized format front, D.C. Thomson's Football Picture Story digest ran for 15 years. In the whole though it seems that football fans would rather read a factual magazine about the game (e.g.: Shoot! or Match of the Day Magazine) than bother with serialised fiction. (Certainly when I was a child, classmates who were mad keen on football were the least likely ones to read any comics.)
Yet despite its stop/start history, Striker did resonate with a lot of footie fans young and old. It cleverly used the Roy of the Rovers approach of including "soap opera" style sub-plots and ongoing continuity, but for an older reader. This could be somewhat controversial at times, such as women appearing in skimpy bikinis (or even topless) in the Striker CGI comic strip, while at the same time the comic was reprinting Billy's Boots and Kangaroo Kid from Scorcher for younger readers. 
Yes, Striker was bought by a totally different readership than yer average comic fan. With its tits and bums lowbrow humour and stereotypical depictions of European players it often read like an episode of Minder or some 1970s sitcom. It was a comic for the bloke in the replica football shirt, shorts and flip-flops, plodding around Lidl with his identically-dressed son. But let's not mock that. Most adventure comics lost their appeal to the average person long ago, and now cater to an insular fanbase with impenetrable stories that require a nerdy 30 year knowledge of the characters. What Striker did was go back to the basics, and understood the mindset of the general public. All publishers would love to appeal to readers outside of the hard core comic fan market, but Striker achieved it! 
Striker: The Final Whistle, 52 full colour pages for £4.95, is on sale now in selected branches of WH Smith or you can buy it directly from the Striker webshop at this link:

Saturday, August 10, 2019


This has been out for a few weeks now but I only bought mine the other day when I was on holiday in Blackpool. You see, having The Dandy Summer Special in Blackpool was a tradition when I was a child so I thought I'd wait until I got there this year too. 
Sadly they're not as plentiful in Blackpool as they were in the 1960s when you'd find them everywhere from temporary bookstalls to numerous newsagents. Now, only the town's WH Smiths stock it, and they only have one copy left after I bought mine. 

Like this very post, this year's Dandy Summer Special is a nostalgic journey through Summer Specials of the past. Editor John Anderson has selected various stories from the 1960s to the early part of this Century, accompanied with some brief background to the history of the publication and galleries of six covers from each decade. (Yes, even the 1968 cover is shown, showing Korky smoking an "El Pongo" cigar.)
It's a very good selection of strips, and works better than last year's which limited itself to seven characters. This time we get a lot more characters unearthed from the vaults, including some forgotten ones such as Bodger the Bookworm, Robin Hood's Schooldays, and Izzy Skint
The standard favourites are here too of course, including Korky the Cat, Desperate Dan, Cuddles and Dimples, and more. 

The pages are all scanned from the old specials, with thankfully no digital recolouring or bodged redrawing. I like the look of it, as we can even see the paper grain in places which adds to the authenticity. I'm a little disappointed that a few pages from the squatter-sized 1980s/90s Specials were stretched to fit the A4 dimensions of this Special but that might be something only artists will be bothered by, not the target readership. 
The front cover is by Ken H. Harrison, inspired by a 1960s illustration by Dudley Watkins. The back cover is by Nigel Parkinson. The Dandy Summer Special 2019 is squarebound, with 68 pages for £6.99.

Friday, August 09, 2019


Yes, we're still in summer but D.C. Thomson have revealed the cover to this year's Beano Christmas Special which you can pre-order from their web shop!

The cover art is by Nigel Parkinson and the all-new special will feature 68 pages of strips and activity pages, plus a set of free stickers! 

As there was some confusion in the past from some readers I should clarify that this Christmas Special is a stand alone publication. It is not the Annual, and it's not the Christmas issue of the weekly Beano. This Christmas Special will be in the shops months before Christmas, in September. 

So... if you feel like getting in the festive spirit while it's still over 20 degrees C outside, pre-order your copy today!

Cover Preview: 2000AD Prog 2144

A stunning cover by Jeff Anderson and Dylan Teague for next week's 2000AD to represent the return of future war story Jaeger inside. As one new story begins, others end, as Anderson, Psi Division and Thistlebone both reach their conclusions this issue. 

UK and DIGITAL: 14th August 2019 £2.85
NORTH AMERICA: 14th September 2019 $32.80 (per pack)

In this issue:

JUDGE DREDD:  CONTROL by Rob Williams (w) Chris Weston (a) Chris Blythe (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)

INDIGO PRIME: FALL OF THE HOUSE OF VISTA by Kek-W (w) Lee Carter (a) Ellie De Ville (l)

ANDERSON, PSI-DIVISION: MARTYRS by Emma Beeby (w) Aneke (a) Barbara Nosenzo (c) Simon Bowland (l)

THISTLEBONE by TC Eglington (w) Simon Davis (a) Annie Parkhouse (l)

JAEGIR: VALKYRIE by Gordon Rennie (w) Simon Coleby (a) Len O'Grady (c) Ellie De Ville (l)

Available in print from: newsagents and comic book stores via Diamond
Available in digital from: 2000 AD webshop and apps for iPadAndroidWindows 10

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

50 Year Flashback: JOE 90 DOSSIER (1969)

Back in 1969 when I was a little kid I saw the above advert on the back page of Smash! and TV21. It raised my curiosity as I was a fan of Gerry Anderson's shows but I assumed the Dossier would be just a small booklet and not worth saving the meat paste lids for. As that was the only way to obtain a copy I never saw the publication with my own eyes.
Skip to a few months ago and I saw the Joe 90 Dossier up for grabs on eBay so bought it. Pleasingly it turned out to be a much more substantial item than I expected. A4 in size, with a card cover and 32 glossy pages inside, it was designed and published by Century 21 Publishing. The result was a classy looking publication on par with the TV21 Annuals of the time. As it was produced by Century 21 (who also did the Joe 90 TV show) it meant they had access to the official photographs and background info on the Joe 90 characters. 

The magazine is comprised of character data, cutaways, activity pages, prose stories, and one 4 page interactive comic strip (interactive in that it includes a dot-to-dot, and other clues for the reader to discover). All in all, a very good package considering that back in 1969 it'd only cost four meat paste lids! 

Here's a selection of pages from the Dossier...

The Joe 90 Dossier was published around the same time that Century 21 launched their Joe 90 Top Secret weekly. You can read about that comic at this link:

50 Years of SHOOT!

Admittedly it's not a comic, but those of us of a certain age will remember the football magazine Shoot! being promoted across four pages of Tiger and other comics when IPC launched it back in 1969. 

I was never a football fan but because of peer pressure at school I did try to get an interest in the game and I remember buying Shoot! for the first 13 weeks. It was a good mag, but football really wasn't for me so in the end I gave up buying it. 

However, if you were one of the kids who did stick with Shoot! then this book should bring back nostalgic memories. 50 Years of Shoot! by Adrian Besley is published by Carlton Books on Thursday 8th August. Here's the publisher's website:

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

It was the Sixties, man!

The Cloak ©Mike Higgs
For the next issue of Comic Scene (out later this month) I've written a brief history of Pow! comic. I supplied a bunch of images too, but sadly this one wasn't used which is a shame. No worries though, because Blimey! readers now get to see it anyway. It's a fantastic panel from The Cloak by Mike Higgs, where the titular hero and Lady Shady engage in a clash of magic spells with the villain The Warlock. 

This is the sort of scene that made Pow! stand out from "ordinary" British comics of the day and was a big influence on my Combat Colin strip years later. Mike's artistry here is great, and so contemporary for the era. Mike always liked hand-lettering his own sound effects too (another thing that influenced me) and he went to town on this panel! 

The Cloak always delivered the unexpected. A spy strip that could include monsters, witchcraft, space travel, or anything! For many of us this was one of the best strips of the 1960s! 

Monday, August 05, 2019

Who was Chick Henderson?

A cartoonist I really liked, although I only have a few samples of his published artwork, was Chick Henderson. He drew Popeye for TV Comic for a while in 1963. His pages had a lively energy to them and a distinctive look. (I like the stippling effect on the one above, and his sound effect lettering.) 
Thing is... I don't know what else he did, and a Google search for Chick Henderson mainly shows results for a singer of that name who died in 1944 so clearly a different person. Does anyone out there have more info on Chick Henderson the cartoonist? If so, post a comment below please. 
All pages scanned from my own comics collection.

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Perfect for Christmas nightmares

The Scarfolk Annual is coming this October. A perfect present for Christmas... if you think they're ready for it. 

If you know what Scarfolk is, you know what to expect. If not... be prepared to laugh... or be traumatised. It depends on you.

Here's the PR from their promo on Amazon:


The Scarfolk Annual is the facsimile of a book discovered in a charity shop in the north west of England in August 2018. The shop, and indeed town, do not wish to be identified as they are keen to “discourage the ‘occult-totalitarian tourism’ that as afflicted other areas of Britain” as people hunt for further socio-archaeological traces of the mysterious, missing town of Scarfolk – Britain’s own Brutalist Atlantis.

Apart from the archive of Scarfolk materials which was sent anonymously to the late Dr Ben Motte and formed the basis of the book Discovering Scarfolk, this children’s annual is, to date, the only complete artefact from Scarfolk ever to be unearthed ‘in the wild’.

It’s clear The Scarfolk Annual was not written to entertain children at Christmastime; its purpose was to indoctrinate young minds; in fact, one might go as far as to say destroy young minds, to an end that has been lost to us.


Here's news of a book that I'm sure will be appreciated by fans of British comics. Masters of British Comic Art will weigh in at over 300 pages and will be published by Rebellion next April. Written by artist and historian David Roach it features over 400 scans shot from original artwork and includes notable UK comic artists such as Reg Bunn, Dave Gibbons, Dudley Watkins, Frank Bellamy, Yvonne Hutton, Tom Browne, Roy Wilson, Hunt Emerson, Leo Baxendale, Ken Reid, Bob Dewar and many, many more, with a cover by Brian Bolland! "Well over 100 artists" said David Roach, "and is as complete a history of British comics and artists as I could put together". 

Sounds like a must-buy! You can pre-order it from Amazon now:

Saturday, August 03, 2019

Codename WARLORD returns this month!

Big news from D.C. Thomson today. The character Peter Flint, Codename: Warlord is to return in brand new stories in Commando comic. Flint originally appeared in the war weekly Warlord back in 1974. Warlord is recognised as a groundbreaking title which began the dynamic revitalisation of boys' comics, leading to Battle Picture Weekly, Action, and 2000AD
Warlord No.1 from 1974.
Here's the full information from the D.C. Thomson Press Release...

Codename Warlord returns in the pages of Commando.

Commando presents Codename Warlord, the return of beloved character Lord Peter Flint to comic pages for the first time in over twenty years.

Published since 1961 by DC Thomson Media, Commando is Britain's longest-running war comic, with over five thousands issues to its name. Unlike other DC Thomson titles, Commando has persevered almost unchanged since its first issues but now, something new comes to its pocket sized, black and white interiors pages. 

Reminiscent of other DC Thomson mergers of the past; Bullet merging with Warlord, and Warlord merging with The Victor, Warlord comes to Commando pages, kicking off with the Britain's top secret agent, Lord Peter Flint,

Last published in 1986, Lord Peter Flint headlined many issues of Warlord, from comics to codes, from letter pages to merchandise and a secret agent club,

His latest interpretation is from prolific Commando writer, lain Mclaughlin who has over twenty-five Commando issues, including two series, to his name in less than two years. McLaughlin, who was a diehard fan of Flint growing up, tackles the Warlord spy with ease. He says:

"The first issue of Warlord came out on a week when I was off school with a stinker of a cold. My dad bought me this new comic to cheer me up a bit - and also so he could read it himself. I read that issue of Warlord and I was hooked. After that, I read every issue for the next six or seven years. A huge part of what kept me reading was Codename Warlord with Lord Peter Flint. He was part James Bond, part Scarlet Pimpernel and completely brilliant. The scripts and the art came together to tell wonderful, gripping stories that stick in the memory even to this day. When I was asked to come up with ideas to bring Lord Peter Flint to the pages of Commando I leaped at the chance. Flint is a fantastic character with so much potential for the kind of fantastic adventure stories Commando is famous for. I hope the readers have as much fun reading Flint's return as I had writing it,"

What's more, artist Manuel Benet was also a fan of Codename Warlord, and was delighted to take the mantle on, saying "[Flint] is a hero l would like to work on" when he was offered the job of depicting the spy. His work is topped off with an amazing wraparound cover by lan Kennedy, who also did some of the original covers for Warlord in its heyday.

Lord Peter Flint is just the first in a series of characters from the archive to be brought back in the pages of Commando by DC Thomson's Heritage Comics - but we're afraid that information is top secret... coded messages to follow.

Commando lssues 5255 'Codename Warlord' and 5263 'Codename Warlord: Ship of Fools' are out 22nd August and 19th September in select WHSmith stores or digitally via the Comixology or Readly apps. Alternatively orders can be placed by emailing

5255: Home of Heroes: Codename Warlord

Story: lain Mclaughlin 
Art: Manuel Benet 
Cover: lan Kennedy 

5255: Home of Heroes: Codename Warlord: Ship of Fools

Story: lain Mclaughlin 
Art: Manuel Benet 
Cover: Manuel Benet 

The press pack from D.C. Thomson came with these great reproductions of the original Warlord Secret Agent Code Book, Identity Card, and Badge, all based on the 1970s originals...

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