Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blatant self-promotion blog

Amongst the mass of bagged comics cluttering up retailer's shelves as mentioned in the previous blog is currently one which I've helped pad out. The latest issue of Toxic (No.122, £2.99) not only features my regular Team Toxic strip (below) but also contains six free gifts, - one of which I did the artwork for.

The Skull-Bat (or "Bat & Eyeball" as they eventually called it) is a variation on the old bat and ball toy. In this instance the bat features a gruesome zombie skull and the "ball" is its dislodged right eye. I had to work to an odd shaped template, hence filling the spaces with spiders and webs. Should give the readers nightmares for weeks. (Colourist Chris Watson did a fantastic job on the bat.)

(Other strips in this issue of Toxic are Rex by John A. Short and Alex Paterson, Fanboy Roy by Simon Chadwick, and Robin Hoodie by John A. Short and Laura Howell.) Official Toxic website:

While I'm in self-promotion mode I'll also mention that the other comics currently available featuring my stuff are Viz No.178 (£3.00) with The Pathetic Sharks, Spectacular Spider-Man No.172 (£1.99) with Mini-Marvels, and Elephantmen No.13 ($2.99) with Brickman & Trowel.

All are available from newsagents with the exception of Elephantmen which is an American import published by Image Comics and is only available from comic book specialist stores. (See here for the official Elephantmen website.)

More info on my work at my website:

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Anonymous said...

SIX FREE TOYS! Kids are spoilt today! I'm well jelous, all we used to get is the occasional curly wurly!

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