Monday, August 31, 2009

The Mouse of Ideas

Bank Holiday Monday always used to feature movie clip-show Disney Time on tv so maybe it's appropriate that the breaking news for today is that Disney are to acquire Marvel Entertainment in a shares and cash deal for $4 billion (£2.5bn). Yes, Mickey Mouse and Spider-Man under the same roof!

More details from the link above and also thousands of other websites as the internet cracks in half with speculation about what this surprising business deal will mean in practice.

My guess is it'll be business as usual for Marvel Comics with hardly any visible changes. Don't worry, - Goofy isn't going to join the Fantastic Four anytime soon.

...OR IS HE?

1 comment:

Rafiq Raja said...

I believe its going to have the same effect of Time Warner buying out and backing DC to the core.

Increased finance, media support, and same old marvel style... right on :)


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