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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meet Mister Nostril! (Updated)

Just a quick post to plug a few comics I'm in this week. First up, the latest edition of Toxic is the Toxic Wicked Holiday Special and it comes bagged with seven, count 'em, seven "Awesome Gifts" for £3.99. It'll be on sale for three weeks instead of the usual fortnight.

Inside, Team Toxic encounter a brand new baddie, - Mister Nostril, who can telepathically control his own snot. There's also a reprint of an old Team Toxic strip in the back, Fists of Fury, wherein the Team meet Andy Wivisfists.

Other strips in this issue are Gorilla Kid by Jason Loborik and Anthony Williams, Robin Hoodie by Luke Paton and Laura Howell, and Laura's also done a nicely drawn two page spread of Holiday Pranks.

Out the same day, this week's issue of The Dandy is also a special issue, featuring 12 extra pages, a Snapping Teeth cover mount, and a bound-in "Make Your Own Desperate Dan and Korky" models for £2.50. The issue is jam-packed with strips, not a single reprint, and includes a four page Bananaman story by Wayne Thomson, new strip Bone-O, lots of good stuff from Jamie Smart, Nigel Parkinson, The Ethrington Brothers, Nigel Auchterlounie, Andy Fanton and all your other fun chums.

As for Kid Cops, what on Earth are they up to this week? Buy The Dandy and find out!

TOXIC website:

DANDY website:



Another comic which came out this week, BeanoMAX No.51, features Super School in its pages for the first time (and their first appearance in any comic this year). I originally drew this for The Beano last year but it wasn't published so perhaps the stock they have will now be appearing in the monthly instead.

I usually colour my own work these days but Super School is coloured in-house by the Beano colourists, - and they've done a great job on this one.

Other strips in the 44 page BeanoMAX include a nice long 10 page story featuring Dennis the Menace and The Bash Street Kids, a Kick-Ass Koalas 3 pager, and a 5 page Billy Whizz reprint, plus a bunch of features and activity pages. Not to mention a giant peashooter gift with rubber darts. £3.50 from newsagents and supermarkets.

PLUS if you're over 18 (or one of those kids who reads it behind the bikesheds) the current issue of Viz features the return of Suicidal Syd that I did the script & artwork for. The issue also features numerous other strips including Finbarr Saunders and His Double Entendres, Tinribs, Buster Gonad, Lazy Disinterested 16-Year Old Supermarket Check-Out Girl, and Laura Howell making her Viz debut with Sir Benjamin Britten and His Embittered Bittern. Viz No.204 £3.20 off the top shelf, or, if your shop's like my local mini-market, in between Match Weekly and some pre-school comic with a fairy princess on the cover.

It's the first time in months that I've been in four different comics in one week, so I'm pleased with that, and proud to be in the top comics on the market.


As I'm still ill with this virus/bronchitis or whatever it is, I'm putting the blog on hold for the time being until I can catch up with paying work and I recover. (No sick pay for freelancers.) Sorry for that. Please check out blogs such as John Freeman's superb Down the Tubes site for news on UK comics. (He does the news material far better than me anyway. :))


Manic Man said...

Minor related question but.. I just looked at the latest issue of the Dandy and as well as it, i noticed a few magazines the same.. what i mean is Large Cover, normal sized inside.. i'm not sure if 'just to make it stand out' is that much of a reason for this (like i said, in a small shop, i noticed atlest 2 mags like this).. i'm just wondering if anyone knows WHY they are doing this? is it just to stand out somehow or.. something else?

Lew Stringer said...

It's to stand out or, if others are doing likewise, to at least compete and not get lost behind them.

Not sure if it works or not but presumably sales & marketing have done their homework.

James Spiring said...

Shame the tops are always creased...

Anyway, I hope you're feeling better now Lew.

Manic Man said...

fair enough

WizzKid97 said...

Hi Lew, just letting you know you're also in the BeanoMAX this month with a Super School story about the class prefect. :)

So that's 3 out of 4 comics which I get that you're in this week! :D

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks for letting me know. Great stuff.

Furman said...

Love the composition of the Dandy cover.

WizzKid97 said...

No problem Lew, glad to help. :)

Anonymous said...

when is the toxic website gonna be updated

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