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Friday, June 08, 2012

Garth: Ship of Secrets starts tomorrow

Saturday's edition (9th June 2012) of the Daily Mirror will begin reprinting the Garth story Ship of Secrets which originally ran in the paper from 17th January 1977 to 29th April 1977. 

Reprints of Garth have been running in the Daily Mirror since February 2011, showcasing two old daily strips per day. So far they've featured strips illustrated by Frank Bellamy and newly coloured by Martin Baines (see interview here). Reflecting the attitudes of newspapers of the 1970s, the strips often featured nudity, and have been appearing uncensored in the modern reprints. (See example below, from the 1972 story People of the Abyss, which concluded today.) 

A number of Frank Bellamy stories have appeared over the past 16 months, such as The Bubble Man and The Spanish Lady, albeit not always in the original order of stories. (Not that it matters too much, as each serial is self contained anyway.) Not every Bellamy Garth story has been reprinted yet but from tomorrow Ship of Secrets will see a run of strips drawn by Martin Asbury, who took over the Garth series when Frank Bellamy died in 1976. Whether or not the remaining Bellamy strips will be reprinted remains to be seen.

Here's how part one of Ship of Secrets appeared originally, in the Daily Mirror from 17th January 1977... 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up Lew! I've been loving the Bellemy strips but am looking forward to Martin Asbury's work - I'm a huge fan from his Look-In days!


Anonymous said...

hi lew,
do you collect old newspaper cartoon strips too?
i remember those mirror strips in the 70s, but my family always had the sun. but every so often i would see the mirror at a mates house and i preferred the mirror cartoons, i especially remember the perishers because it always seemed to have talking insects every time i saw it. on wednesdays we had the coventry evening telegraph which had peanuts in full colour.

Lew Stringer said...

I don't really collect newspaper strips as such but I do have a few books on the subject, and a dozen or so old Daily Mirrors for historical purposes.

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