Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Here's some more information on the self-publishing project I mentioned on my other blog the other day. Yes, I'm bringing my oldest character Brickman back into print! Brickman Returns! will collect the pages I did from 2006 to 2009 which originally appeared in Image Comics' Elephantmen in the USA. This is effectively a sequel to Brickman Begins! that was published by Active Images in 2005. 

This 32 page full colour one-off comic will be out soon, and exclusively available to buy directly from me, either by mail order or at conventions.

Look out for more info on this blog over the next few weeks! 


Tony Howson said...

So I stay off the Internet for a week and this is what I miss!

Excellent news, Lew. I look forward to ordering a copy once it's published.

Anonymous said...

I guess this Kickstarter didn't kickstart? Better luck next time if there is one.

Lew Stringer said...

I'm not publishing it through Kickstarter or any crowdfunding scheme. I'm paying for the printing out of my own pocket, the old fashioned way. I couldn't be bothered to work out the various levels of 'rewards' readers get based on the amounts they pledge. Keep it simple and get the comic out there. That's my motto.

Brickman Returns is currently at the printers. I'm hoping it'll be ready next week.

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