Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Take cover! It's a take over!

Last week's Beano carried a splendid cover by Nigel Parkinson, with Walter's Dad the Mayor taking over the comic.

A few days later, The Phoenix boasted a fine cover by Jamie Smart with Looshkin the cat taking over the comic.

There's no question of course that it's a complete coincidence that these two comics with the same cover theme are side by side on the shelves of WH Smith at the same time. Comics are produced weeks in advance and neither publisher would have any idea the other comic was planning a similar theme that issue. 

It's an amusing twist of fate though, and the "take over" theme is a good one to freshen things up. I presume the situation will return to normal on The Phoenix next week but in the case of The Beano it's more drastic, as it leads into a complete revamp of the comic with this week's issue. (Looks good! See here.)

I couldn't help being reminded though of another "take over" cover from over 20 years ago. :) Can anyone think of any more? 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Vector 13 (an X-Files-like agency) temporarily took over 2000AD from the Tharg the Mighty in 1997.


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