Friday, January 27, 2017

More pre-code classics

Continuing their series of hardback reprints of collected pre-Comics Code American comics, British publisher PS Publishing are soon to release more new volumes.

Here's the info:

Pre-Code Classics World of Fear Volume 1.
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into your comic shop, here come those PS guys again with another crazy collection of bygone stories and panels set to blow your mind. This time out they’re hitting you with the full run of WORLDS OF FEAR from the magical days of 1952 and featuring artists and writers such as Sheldon Moldoff, Bernard Baily, Bob Powell, George Evans, Mike Sekowsky, Moe Marcus, Bob McCarty, Harry Harrison and Norman Saunders. Crossing horror and SF has never been more enjoyable. Lock the door, flip the tab on a can of soda and delve into those potato chips. It’s a marriage made in Heaven.

Artists include Sheldon Moldoff, Bernard Baily, Bob Powell,  George Evans, Mike Sekowsky, Moe Marcus, Bob McCarty, Harry Harrison and Norman Saunders

Each volume contains between 5 - 6 issues digitally enhanced and faithfully reproduced.
Volume One features issues 1-5 from November 1951 – June 1953.

Scheduled for a March release, you can order the book directly from the publisher:

Pre-Code Classics Lars of Mars/Crusader from Mars/Eerie Adventures Volume 1.This one is hard to overplay, comicbook fans in that material like the stuff contained in the handful of issues that made up the full output of Ziff Davis’s LARS OF MARS is tough to beat. No, strike that: it’s impossible to beat! Heck, written by Jerry Siegel and drawn by Murphy Anderson and the true forerunner of the Red Planet’s J’onn J’onzz, this is the real McCoy.

Artists include Allen Anderson, Murphy Anderson, Gene Colan, Marvin Stein, Henry Sharp, George Roussos, Mike Becker, Bob Powell and Al Carreno.

Volume 1 features the Ziff Davies issues of  Lars of Mars #10 April/May 1951 & #11 July/August 1951, Crusader from Mars #1 March 1952 & #2 Fall 1952,  Eerie Adventures #1 Winter 1951.

Scheduled for a February release, you can order the book directly from the publisher's website:


Tony Isabella said...

I spend way too much money buying PS books, even when I know the material is going to be less than great. But how can I pass up getting big chunks of comic books from the 1940s and 1950s?

Lew Stringer said...

I still have a stack of their books to read so I'm not buying any more at present. I was pleased they reprinted the entire Harvey Horror line. I'vehad an interest in the 1950s pre-code horror comics since I read about them as a kid, but never expected so many of them would ever be reprinted. We're really spoiled for choice now, with PS, Yoe Books, and Fantagraphics. (I like the Atlas Masterworks that Marvel did too, but I'd prefer it if they hadn't recoloured them so garishly.)

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