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Friday, October 26, 2018

Out now! COMBAT COLIN No.3

Only available exclusively from my online shop, Combat Colin No.3 is another 40 page collection of Combat Colin strips that originally appeared in Marvel UK's Transformers comic back in 1989/90. 
This third issue enters the era where the strip had developed into the comedy-action saga that proved popular with readers, - and was my favourite period of he strip to work on too!
Combat Colin (and his loyal assistant Semi-Automatic Steve) encounter alien menaces and monsters in the form of The Brain and The Gunge, new villains such as The Amazing Dave and Bankrobber Man make their debut, and our heroes find themselves trapped in The Place of No Return, and take a journey to Mars! 
PLUS bonus back up features!

Combat Colin No.3, 40 pages (4 colour covers, 36 black and white interiors). Only £3.50 plus postage and packing. Available now from: 

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