Sunday, June 17, 2007

Danger Man in comics

The current issue of the top UK news magazine for the comics industry, Comics International (No.202) includes a five page article on the history of Danger Man comic strips. The well-illustrated feature covers all the British and American appearances of John Drake in comics and children's annuals, including items such as unseen character sketches. Most interestingly, the "dummy cover" of a late 1980's Danger Man comic book is shown; a comic which was never published due to a change in editor. (Had it been released, it would have reprinted the 1966 Danger Man comic serials from Lion weekly drawn by Jesus Blasco.)

The next issue of Comics International (which should be out in July) will spotlight The Prisoner comic strips and spoofs.

Comics International
No.202 is only available from comics specialist stores (such as Forbidden Planet). This issue features four alternative covers to choose from, one of which highlights Danger Man. The 100 page magazine costs £2.99 / $4.99.

Fans of The Prisoner tv series may be interested to visit this regularly updated news site:

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