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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Birmingham Comics Show this weekend

The eagerly-awaited Birmingham International Comics Show is taking place this weekend (October 13th/14th) at Millenium Point, Birmingham, UK. This is the second event run by James Hodgkins, Shane Chebsey, Paul H. Birch and friends and once again there's an impressive guest list.

Attending comics creators will include Mike McMahon, Mike Mignola, Mike Carey, Mike Higgs, Mike Collins... hey! It's a Mike-a-thon! Non-Mikes include Dave Gibbons, Alan Davis, Phil Winslade, Duncan Fegredo, Hunt Emerson, Laura Howell, Doug Braithwaite, and many more. Even me, but don't let that put you off.

Full details can be found on the official Comics Show website:

If you've never attended a comics convention before, this is the ideal opportunity. There'll be panel discussions, interviews, promotions, tons of comics on sale, and as ever a friendly informal atmosphere. So come along and treat yourself to a bunch of brand new British comics, such as The Wolfmen from Accent UK Comics. Cover shown here:

Hopefully I'll be running a photo report of the event here on this blog next week. If I don't break my toe again by walking into my hotel bedroom chair at 3.00 AM like I did last year.

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