Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dave Gibbons in glow of Death Ray

The better-late-than-never 9th issue of cult media mag Death Ray has just hit the stands. A few weeks later than scheduled, but still a value for money package of reviews and articles on tv, film, and comics. This issue includes the promised article on Dave Gibbons, known, as if anyone needed reminding, for his artwork on Watchmen and Give Me Liberty amongst many other comics.

Considering the build up given to the article in the previous issue I'd hoped for a huge section on Dave's long and worthy career. What we're given is a six page interview accompanied by various snippets of art. Nevertheless, it's an informative article and covers Dave's work fairly well, albeit briefly. Whatever its shortcomings it's great that a magazine that's on sale in the High Street is making the effort to promote comics. It's also pleasing that Dave is spotlighted as some journalists tend to overlook his considerable contribution to Watchmen and bias their attention towards Alan Moore. (Himself very deserving of course, but the comic was a joint effort.) With the Watchmen movie now in production expect to see more press coverage on the comic and its artist this year and next.

The same issue of Death Ray also runs a feature on the new Dan Dare comic, with an interview with the artist Gary Erskine. Shame on the magazine however for failing to mention Spaceship Away, which has been running new Dan Dare stories for several years. This appears to be a deliberate omission, as a page of Dan Dare art from Spaceship Away is used as one of the illustrations for the interview!

Death Ray No.9 in newsagents and supermarkets now. £3.99


Gary Erskine said...

I have still to see the article in Deathray to see layout and choice of illustrations used. No new Dare artwork was allowed to be shown unless approved by Virgin and I can only imagine that Deathray just printed any Dan Dare for the article. There was no conspiracy! ;) For the record, I like what Spaceship Away are doing and I am a huge Hampson fan. Garth and I are very passionate about our Dare and respect his legacy and hope the audience see that come through in the new pages! Spaceship Away have already approached me for a commision so I feel that is vindication of our mutual love for Dare. Enjoy your blogs! Best. garye

Lew Stringer said...

Good to hear from you Gary! Regarding Death Ray, they must have had a copy of Spaceship Away to scan it to use for the article, so not crediting the comic seemed deliberate to me, or at least sloppy journalism.


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