Thursday, March 27, 2008

Doctor Who comic special

April 10th sees the publication of the Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition: The Tenth Doctor Collected Comics. This 100 page full colour comic published by Panini UK gathers together the Doctor Who strips from Doctor Who Magazine Nos. 381 - 390, featuring the stories Woman Who Sold the World, Bus Stop, The First, and Death to The Doctor. Artwork is by Mike Collins, John Ross, Martin Garaghty, and Roger Langridge. Cover price is £5.99, and you should find it racked alongside SFX, Starburst, etc.

Doctor Who is the longest running strip inspired by a tv series in British comics, having begun in TV Comic in 1964, moving to Countdown in 1971, (renamed TV Action in 1972), and taken on by Marvel UK for Doctor Who Weekly (now Doctor Who Magazine) in 1979 to the present day. Other new Doctor Who strips also appear in Doctor Who Adventures, Doctor Who Battles In Time magazine, and the new US Doctor Who monthly.

The new series of Doctor Who begins on BBC One on Saturday April 5th at 6.20pm. A tribute to Verity Lambert (the original producer of the show) will be shown on the same night on BBC Four, with repeats of three very early episodes planned. The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine (issue 394, shown below, will be in the shops on April 3rd, priced £3.99. It features a brand new comic strip, Hotel Historia plus many exclusive features.)


Peter Bangs said...

Haven't really enjoyed the Dr Who strips since John Ridgeway stopped drawing the way back when. The current run are too much like saturday morning cartoons in art style for my taste.

Anonymous said...

I must say how much the Doctor looks like Austin Powers on the cover of this one! I got the last comic special and that was great so will have to buy this one. Great blog Lew!

Θεμις Μαντζαβινος said...


It is a very nice and good post and I like it.

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