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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Big 'Iron Man' push in latest TOXIC

The synergy between comics and multimedia in today's childrens magazines may not be to everyone's taste but there's no doubt such promotions help sell the mags. The latest issue of Toxic (No.115, out yesterday) features heavy promotion for the Iron Man movie (great entertainment and performances by the way, and Marvel's best movie to date).

Iron Man articles dominate the magazine and there's even an exclusive free 24 page Iron Man Marvel comic. In return, Marvel Studios have allowed Egmont to show clips from the movie on the Toxic website that can be saved as QuickTime movies:

and an interview with the star of the movie Robert Downey Jr:

Toxic is of course just a small part of the huge promotional bandwagon for the Iron Man movie. However if it attracts new readers to the magazine and they also enjoy the comic strips within then that's a few newbies introduced to the world of comics. (Next issue promotes the new Indiana Jones movie, and a brand new comic strip, Robin Hoodie begins by John A. Short and Laura Howell).

Toxic No.115 is on sale in all major newsagents and supermarkets now, priced £2.25

Above: A panel from the latest Team Toxic strip.

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