Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Express Weekly online

Those of you who were interested in my brief blog on Express Weekly last year might like to know that the website Comics UK has just started showcasing an issue. In their "Daily Page" section a full page of Express Super Colour Weekly No.76 (from 1956) will be scanned in for your reading enjoyment every day for the next couple of weeks.

Express (or TV Express as it later became) was a glossy quality title that has often been overlooked so the upcoming pages on Comics UK, from the likes of Bill Mevin and Syd Jordan should prove to be an interesting dip into the past.

Cover above taken from the Comics UK site and features Rex Keene by Harry Bishop. To see more visit:


NP said...

I picked up an even dozen of these at the Book Palace a few years ago, bringing the toal number I own to... 13! The Journey into Space centrespreads are a real delight, positively reeking or 1950's Space Race optimism! And those sensational Ron Embleton battle scenes on the cover... now thtey're worth the price by themselves! Totally overshadowed in the collector's world by Eagle before it and TV21 after it, I think it deserves more than a cursory glance, so good on yer, Al and Lew!

Mr. Ashby said...

I've managed to locate one bundle of two I had in the attic handed to me from my dad some years ago!...I have 144 editions from #74 to #223 (minus #'s 75, 76, 81, 203, 204). I'm hoping the 'missing' bundle aren't pre #74 copies otherwise I'll be a bit miffed, #1 has to be somewhere! Still, the copies I do have are a great read, highly enjoyable.

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