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Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Hmm... That's quite a page"

Press release from London's Orbital Comics:

Watchmen Original Artwork Page 1, Issue 1 at Orbital Comics

In celebration of the release of the Watchmen motion picture, Orbital Comics is proud to announce a unique opportunity for you to see a momentous piece of original art from the classic 1980s award winning comic book series the film was based upon.

Starting from Thursday 19th February 2009 and for one month only, Watchmen issue 1 page 1 Original Artwork and Colour Guide will be displayed at:

Orbital Comics
8 Great Newport Street
[Opening times: Mon-Sat: 10:30am - 7pm , Sun: 11.30am - 5pm ]

The page features an extract from Rorschach's journal, acting as a voice-over for the criminal investigation of the apparent-suicide of his acquaintance, fellow super-hero The Comedian.

Not only a rare chance to see an actual page of original art by Dave Gibbons, but also to experience a piece of comic book history!

Orbital Comics recently moved to Gt Newport Street where the Photographers’ Gallery was for 22 years. With such a large space, Orbital Comics thought it would be great to house a comic art gallery inside which compliments the shop bringing more to the customer.

The Watchmen Page 1 Issue 1 is owned by a private art collector who has been offered £50,000 of which he declined.

Orbital Comics is proud to announce that John Higgins (colorist/inker) for Watchmen will be coming to Orbital Comics for a signing at the end of March 09.

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