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Friday, March 06, 2009

Beano No.1 sells for £3000

This blog usually avoids news items about comic values as they're often so misleading. A comic that sells for a certain amount is only "worth" that amount to the individual who bought it. It doesn't mean everyone will pay the same sum for an identical issue.

Proof being the sale of a first issue of The Beano on eBay today. In 2004 a copy of this 1938 comic sold for a record sum of £12,100. (See BBC story here.) Prior to that, £7,000 had been the figure a copy sold for.

Today on eBay, a Beano No.1 said to be "in fine to near mint condition" sold for a mere £3,127 - far below the price of a few years back.

On his eBay page the seller, from Brighton, said:

the comic has spent most of its life in my loft i found it a few years ago and thought it was worth something so i kept it for a few more years until recently."

Admittedly three grand is nothing to be sniffed at, especially for a comic the seller apparently found in his loft. Obviously every copy discovered devalues the rarity a little, but it does go to show that the valuation of old comics is an unreliable business.


Observer said...

There's something suspicious about this sale imho. The buyer hasn't left any feedback yet and some of the other people the seller did business with are no longer active on ebay. Somethings not right allegedly, in my humble opinion.

flobot-13 said...

i have, what i think is a no.1 issue of the beano comic...its 24 pages long...i like comics...but im no comic expert, advice?...cheeers

Lew Stringer said...

Sounds like the facsimile reprint given away with the Sunday Post a year or two ago. (The real Beano 1 has 28 pages.) Not worth much I'm afraid.

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