Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grandville is coming!

October 2009 will see the publication of Bryan Talbot's new graphic novel Grandville. Described as an anthropomorphic steampunk detective-thriller on the Bryan Talbot fansite, the book will be published by Jonathan Cape in the UK, Dark Horse in the USA, and numerous other publishers across the world.

Bryan has been a familiar figure in the comics industry for decades, from his early work in the underground comic Brain Storm Comix, through to his epic The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, his more recent graphic novels The Tale of One Bad Rat which admirably dealt with the subject of child abuse, and Alice in Sunderland which told the story of Alice Liddell, Lewis Carroll and Sunderland in a dreamlike mixture of history and myth.

Although Bryan has worked in mainstream comics too (such as a stint on 2000AD) it's to his credit that the writer/artist has always striven to follow his own creative path independently of the fickle tastes of media fads. In this regard Bryan has remained faithful to his "underground" roots.

A video trailer for Grandville should be visible below, if the code works on this blog. If not, you can view it by visiting:

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this one, We were all lucky enough to have him come over to our university a year or so ago were he did a talk (on Alice in Sunderland) and he showed us all a few pages of this, Its fantastic work.

If people don't have Alice in Sunderland they should get it! Its great value for money, theres so much to it!

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