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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TV21 returns... sort of

Reports are coming in from the blogs of both Steve Holland and John Freeman that publishers Reynolds and Hearn are to launch Gerry Anderson's Century 21 Annual 2011 on August 31st for the Christmas annuals market. As you can see from the cover above, the design is similar to the TV Century 21 Annuals of the Sixties, and in fact is composed from artwork taken from various old Annuals and comics from that era.

The contents will no doubt feature reprints but no word as yet on whether the stories will be taken from the weekly, from old annuals, or a mixture of both.

You may recall that this book was originally scheduled for last year, as reported here but was canned due to lack of orders. Seems the publishers are more optimistic for it to appear this year, which is good news for all fans of the classic 1960s comic.

For the past couple of years Reynolds and Hearn have been publishing luxurious reprint books of TV Century 21 material, and the third and fourth volumes are available from today according to their website.

To support the Century 21 Annual you can pre-order it from Amazon here:

1 comment:

Kid said...

I'll certainly be buying it, but I wish they'd call it TV Century 21. Can't wait.

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