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Monday, May 24, 2010

New Look for Classics from the Comics

D.C. Thomson's monthly reprint publication Classics from the Comics gets a facelift this week with a new logo, cover design, and new features. Sadly this means the end of Ken Harrison's covers (the only brand new artwork in the comic) but they've been replaced with a design which reflects the retro contents.

Within the 68 pages of issue 170 are a variety of classic strips including Ken Reid's Jonah, Bill Holroyd's Brassneck, Davy Law's Dennis the Menace, and a "new" reprint, The Space Kids, a 1976 adventure series from The Beezer drawn by Ron Smith.

Another new item this month is the debut of News and Views featuring readers letters and a plug for comic websites. There's also a feature on Desperate Dan, showcasing Dudley Watkins strips from the 1940's to the 1980's, although the 1975 one is a Sixties reprint.

With its brighter and better design, Classics from the Comics No.170 goes on sale this week, priced £2. Its distribution is poor though so if it's not available in your area you can subscribe at this link.


joecab said...

That's too bad: Ken Harrison's covers were great. He was great at drawing everyone in a contemporary way and still keep everyone on model. But this is a fine alternative and as you said more representative of something that's all reprints.

John Freeman said...

I've spoken with Garry Fraser, the editor, and he's taken on board the suggestion to include artist credits in the contents page. "I get a kick out of this as comics have always been my forte since I started here on Buzz in 1974!" he writes. "Long may it, and Classics, continue!"
I think it's a great title, even if it is reprint.

blaing1965 said...

G'day Lew.

I'm enjoying reading your blog.

Seems that the English aren't the only ones having problems getting hold of "Classics"

I had a bugger of a time trying to get hold of a copy until I ended up subscribing and having received my first copy this morning.

I have posted my tale of woe on my own blog at
Kind regards,

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