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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hello Cheeky!

New blogs devoted to British comics are springing up regularly and now there's another to add to your bookmarks. This time the 1970s IPC humour comic Cheeky Weekly is under the spotlight.

Cheeky was quite experimental for IPC. Springing out of Krazy comic (itself a less pedestrian comic than other IPC funnies) the characters in Cheeky inhabited the same universe, even more close-knit and interactive than Beanotown. Each issue took place across "Cheeky's week" with our hero wandering through town and meeting up with his pals. The bulk of the comic was drawn by Frank McDiarmid but other contributors included Mike Lacey and Ian Knox.

One interesting aspect for collectors was that every week Cheeky would sneak into the attic to have a look through his Dad's old comics. A page from the comics would be shown every issue in a very inventive way to use reprint.

Ahead of its time perhaps, Cheeky only ran for just over two years. However the new blog is sure to bring back memories for readers, or to inform those of us who didn't collect the comic (like me) what great strips we missed.

Still in its early stages, you can watch the Cheeky blog develop over here:

...and if you want to see what the Red Jet Rattler free gift was like, here it is below:


Laughing Indio said...

PHWWOAAR I was very partial to LillyPop the Lollypop lady when I was a nipper, probably what turned me into the well rounded pervert I am today... I blame the Cheeky comic book artists!

Tim Perkins said...

Love the new Blog layout, mate.

Niblet said...

Cheers for the plug, Lew! I've just added another post.

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