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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Comics from an alternative world...

Over on Dez Skinn Dot Com the ex-Warrior editor is continuing to develop his new website nicely, with some fascinating insights into British comics history. I previously reported on how Dez had published anecdotes of his time at IPC and now he's added a page on projects that never made it to the publication stage.

As you no doubt know, over the years comic publishers have produced numerous "dummy" issues of titles that are only seen within the confines of the office, or, at most, receive small print runs for market research. Some titles are passed, but many never get off the launch pad for various reasons.

It's interesting to see Dez's selection of comics that never were, and I'd venture that a few of them may have proven to be more popular than some of the ones that did pass the "audition". I for one hope Dez develops this section of his site and we get to see more of the humour comic Chuckler!

Perhaps in the newsagents of some parallel dimension there are copies of Johnny Future, Oriental Heroes, and Saga rubbing shoulders with The Dandy and 2000AD.

To read about these unseen titles visit:

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