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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Armageddon Patrol

There's one solution to the lack of modern British adventure comics, and that is: if you have the talent, produce your own. That's what Kult Creations have done with the Armageddon Patrol graphic novel, collecting four issues of an indie comic from a few years ago.

The 100 page black and white trade paperback is scripted by John A. Short, a professional writer who has contributed comic strips to various publications from Toxic to Mayfair. In Armageddon Patrol he deals with the scenario of what might have happened if superheroes had fought in Viet Nam. The book features four stand-alone stories (although it's best if they're read in order) with artwork by Alwyn Talbot on chapters 1, 2, and 4, and Alex Paterson on chapter 3.

Armageddon Patrol begins with Lieutenant Wynonna Stone, codename Maiden America, deployed in Viet Nam where her experiences soon harden her. The following chapter introduces other super-powered individuals who will make up the unit. It should be pointed out that Armageddon Patrol is not a children's comic. The violence is brutal and the language strong and realistic.

Alwyn Talbot's artwork shows a remarkable attention to detail and he's certainly an artist to watch. It's good to see Alex Paterson here too, showing a different side to his talents than the humour work he did on Rex for Toxic. John Short's writing skill is on top form with natural sounding dialogue and a smooth storytelling style that makes the book a real page turner.

My only criticism is that we don't see the Patrol act as a team that much. They don't come together until halfway through the book and are only seen as a fighting unit in the final chapter. However don't let that put you off. The main character is Wynonna Stone, and the story is mostly about her and how the war affects those around her. All in all it's a good, absorbing read.

To read more about Kult Creations and to buy a copy of the book visit the website here:

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Peter Richardson said...

Many thanks for flagging this up Lew. This is going to make further inroads on my Piggy Bank but projects like this are just so admirable that it's well worth taking a punt on them.

Love that cover and the sample interior page makes me think of the artwork that adorned a similar self produced comic called "Sometime Stories" that first introduced me to the artwork and writing of Brett Ewins and Brendan McCarthy.

Longer ago now than I care to calculate.

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