Sunday, October 04, 2015

BOMB SCARES is coming!

Quite a few independent comic creators use Kickstarter these days to 'crowd fund' their projects. In case you're unfamiliar with the idea, basically it's asking people to pledge a certain amount towards funding the publication of a comic. There are usually incentives in that the more one pledges, the more bonus items they receive. No money is taken from the funders accounts unless the project reaches its goal. 

One of the latest projects using Kickstarter is Bomb Scares, an all-new horror comics anthology from Midlands-based publisher Time Bomb Comics. Although the deadline isn't until October 21st, the project has already proven to be a success and has well exceeded its goal. Therefore publisher Steve Tanner has decided to upgrade the format and add more stories as more funds come in. It'll also work out a better deal for readers because if they pledge £3 for a digital edition or £10 for the printed book, it'll be cheaper than if they order it from anywhere else after it's printed.  

With a cover by Richard Elson and Dave Kendall and strips by a variety of quality contributors Bomb Scares looks to be a comic book to look forward to, - and it'll be out next month! Here's the Kickstarter page where you can find out more and donate your pledge:

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