Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Surf's Up! - and nutter Dolmann's back!

The latest Panini Pocketbook Silver Surfer Origins (digest sized, full colour, reprinting issues 1 to 5 from 1968/69) is on it's way to bookshops now, according to Panini UK.

This handy format is perfect for collectors who want a blast from the past but without the huge expense of the hardback Marvel Masterworks. (Several collections of John Romita's Spider-Man are already out there in Pocketbook form, along with the early Claremont X-Men books, a couple of Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four volumes, and the first Hulk stories. All at £3.99 each.)

Panini have also been busy publishing their own versions of Marvel Masterworks, albeit in paperback. However, the advantage over the U.S. editions is that the UK ones collect comics by year (12 issues) instead of in batches of ten as Marvel tend to do.

It would be nice to see more British material collected too, although Rebellion have been doing a fine job with their various 2000 AD softbacks recently, such as their superb Nemesis collection. Sadly, I doubt older characters such as Janus Stark or Adam Eterno could support enough sales to warrant individual collections.

However, all is not lost, in fact it's GREAT NEWS, CHUMS! 'Cos in October all your favourites (well, four of them) from Valiant and Smash! will be featured in an anthology collection entitled Albion Origins from Titan Books!
Cursitor Doom!
- The creepy looking mystic!
Janus Stark! -
Rubber-boned Victorian escapologist!
Kelly's Eye!
- Gem that makes its wearer invincible!
The House of Dolmann!
- Nutcase ventriloquist who gets pissed off when his puppets argue with themselves!
- all within a new cover by Brian Bolland! Ber-limey! See Amazon UK for ordering details! Waheyy!

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Anonymous said...

Nice cover. Bolland is still fab. :)

Muffy (from comicsuk )

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