Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Dossier, grey market

Shhhh. Anarchists Moore and O'Neill produce new book The Black Dossier. Book tells secret history of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. How characters from "fiction" engaged in covert activities unknown to us. Dossier contain many surprises: suppressed Fifties comic The Trump; unfinished Shakespeare play Faeries Fortunes Founded; The New Adventures of Fanny Hill; Billy Bunter? Jimmy Bond? Jane? Yes maybe cannot say. Sex very literate. Story nice and meaty like pie cooling on windowsill. 3-D climax, free specs enclosed. Etcetera, etcetara. Much more than just a comic book. Book not allowed in UK but book so good you have to buy. Get Uncle Sam to send you one or buy from cyberwebs or man in mac in alleyway. Top secret. State Secret. Thinking about this book is a THOUGHTCRIME. Looking at these secret photos is an EYECRIME. Look with eyes shut or Big Brother will confiscate your retinas. This information is INFOCRIME. Turn yourselves in.

Normal service resumes next blog.


Ken Davidson said...

I've ordered mine via the US and I wait eagerly. One question - why is this unavailable in the UK? There seems to be some mystery, and very little real info. Any ideas Lew?

Lew Stringer said...

One rumour is because it features characters that are still in copyright in the UK. Another theory is that it's just spite from the publisher because this is Alan's last work for them and because of his refusal to have anything to do with their movies based on his works. I couldn't possibly comment which is true.


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