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Monday, March 17, 2008

TOXIC Website redesigned

Six years after its launch Egmont's Toxic magazine continues to remain a successful title on the crowded shelves of newsagents and the foresight to produce a companion website has also proved popular. The site, has now received another upgrade with the addition of new fun features.

I was recently commissioned to produce artwork for these new additions: the Toxic Joke Machine and the Toxic Monster Maker, coloured by the mega-talented Lorna Miller. Both are pretty much self-explanatory, with the Joke Machine being similar to a fruit machine, - press the button and the tumblers spin to reveal the punchline. The Monster Maker enables the visitor to the site to make their own monster by using their cursor to move body parts into the space provided.

I've also produced artwork for an upcoming Toxic free gift, but more on that in a few weeks. The new issue of Toxic, No.112, will be in the shops this Wednesday (19th March) priced £2.25.

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Anonymous said...

Could you take a look at the comic book I've written? I had an artist render it for me.

It's at

Thanks in advance for your input.

Justin Benedict

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