Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Incoming Commando comics

Four more issues of D.C. Thomson's Commando comics are in the shops this week, from 10th December. Here's the lowdown, courtesy of editor Calum Laird...


At the end of the 19th Century our intrepid reporter heroes - Fred “Ferret” McGlone, Harry Hornby and Digby Bolton - are in the front line once again. This time they are caught up in the blood-soaked action of the Boxer Rebellion in Peking.

As British troops fight alongside those of several other nations to quell the brutal uprising, fellow newshounds Charles Black and Ned Bly uncover a plot to misinform the Western world about what’s really happening in China.

Would they and their despatches ever reach home?

Story by Norman Adams, inside artwork and cover by Keith Page

Commando 4252 — THE COLDEST WAR

After being wounded on the Western Front, Captain Peter Laine was posted as a military observer to Finland, a country in turmoil in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution in 1917. Some Finns - the Reds - were on the side of the Russians, while the Whites opposed these Bolsheviks.

When Helsinki was overrun by the Russians, Peter decided that he could no longer only observe. Would he survive THE COLDEST WAR

Story by Ferg Handley, inside artwork and cover by Carlos Pino

Commando 4253 — DOOMED SQUAD

Sixteen-year-old Max Grainer worshipped his brother Walther, a hero on the Eastern Front. He couldn’t wait to get into action himself and join Walther in the fight for glory.

His dreams were rudely shattered when he finally got a taste of what war was all about. And when he learned that his brother had been transferred to a punishment battalion — a doomed squad from which few soldiers ever got out alive…

Story by Ian Clark, inside artwork and cover by Janek Matysiak

Originally No 2542 from 1992

Commando 4254 — KILL THE FUHRER!

It was 1945 but still the war dragged on as Adolf Hitler tightened his grip on his ever-shrinking Nazi empire. Only his death could bring peace to war-torn Europe. Which is why, one cold February morning, Squadron-Leader Kenny Campbell led a Mosquito squadron a very special mission - to KILL THE FUHRER!

Story by Ian Clark, inside artwork by Denis McLoughlin, cover by Ian Kennedy

Collectors may like to get hold of these issues as we are running a subscriptions offer that offers a gift of five archive issues to anyone taking out a subscription to Commando. Two packs are offered, one from the 70s one from the 80s. The only problem is…which to choose!

The batch of Commandos following these will go on sale one day early, the 30th of December. They will be No 4255 Never Volunteer! (originally No 2608 from 1992), No 4256 Battling Rustbucket! (originally No 2618 from 1992), No 4257 The Winter Warriors and No 4258 Friends or Foes?

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