Thursday, December 17, 2009

R.I.P. Dangerous Ink magazine

The British creative arts / comics magazine Dangerous Ink has regrettably closed. Editor Tom Green made the announcement on Twitter last week and the current issue (Vol.2 No.4, shown above) is the final issue.

This is another blow to the comics industry and to magazines in general. Dangerous Ink was a highly individualistic publication which admirably spotlighted comics and other forms of art, expanding the awareness of the medium for all involved. My personal regret is that I didn't find time to plug DI here before now, because it was a fine publication that demanded a wider audience.

One of the factors in the demise of Dangerous Ink has been the closure of the retail chain Borders in the UK (all branches close next week). Unlike some retailers, Borders had been willing to give a chance to smaller publishers and more specialized magazines. (They also stocked From the Tomb and Crikey!) The closure of Borders has been a massive setback for such titles.

If you've never seen Dangerous Ink magazine I urge you to give it a try. Back issues are still available from their website .You can also read them free online, - but don't be tight. Buy them. They're well produced highly professional magazines that are a delight to own, and feature some of the most surreal and beautiful art I've seen. Comparisons have been made to the American mag Juxtapoz but I always found Dangerous Ink to be a much better, and cooler, magazine.

As I mentioned earlier, DI also spotlighted comics. It featured regular strips (such as the bizarrely funny Kreepy Kat and Jenny's Weird Friend) and also ran items on comics creators, such as the interviews with John M. Burns (Vol.2 No.1) and Frank Quitlely (Vol.1 No.2). Even the art of film makers was included in the mix, with an interview with Ray Harryhausen (Vol.2 No.3). And for something totally different it even interviewed Adam (Batman) West (Vol.2 No.1).

Take a look at the website and give Dangerous Ink some well deserved support by buying a few back issues or all seven if you can afford it. If you're interested in broadening your horizons with alternative art and unique comics then this is for you.

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