Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Courier website celebrates the work of Dudley Watkins

Brought to my attention this morning via Rich Johnston's Bleeding Cool website comes the news that D.C. Thomson have revamped the website for their newspaper The Courier and it now features two galleries of Dudley Watkins comic strips.

As I'm sure every reader of this blog knows, Dudley D. Watkins was considered to be Thomson's finest artist, a master of both humour and adventure work, and the original artist on The Dandy's Desperate Dan from 1937 to his untimely death in 1969.

The website features two sections: Treasure from the archives: the gems of Dudley Watkins which features a small selection of scans from various strips, including one showing Biffo the Bear happily encouraging cockfighting. There's also a brilliantly surreal Peter Piper story on there that some psychologists could have a field day with. After being beaten by his father, Peter brings to life a picture of his Dad as a boy and beats him up for revenge.

The other section is Dudley D. Watkins, Lord Snooty, and Hitler, being a panel-by-panel scan of a 1940s Lord Snooty and His Pals strip featuring wartime propaganda against that biggest bully of all, Adolf Hitler.

Best of all, the scans are taken from the original artwork. A treasure trove indeed.

Hopefully if this is a success D.C. Thomson will feature work from other classic artists in the future.

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Peter Gray said...

Its great to see all these original work...
thanks for the link..

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