Friday, October 15, 2010

Join the Kult at BICS!

Amongst the various guests at the British International Comic Show this weekend will be a new UK publisher, Kult Creations. Although a small press company, it's headed by professional comics writer John A. Short, no stranger to readers of Toxic for his scripts on Rex and Robin Hoodie, and he's also contributed to Fantagraphics and Rip Off Press amongst others.

Two black and white comics are the latest offerings from Kult Creations. The Sixpenny Murder is based on the true accounts of a murder in Liverpool in 1875. It draws interesting comparisons to the fears of today's society. Back then, people who hung around street corners, (known as 'Cornermen') were all tarred with the same brush, just as today's 'Hoodies' are.

The comic is part of the 'Changing Places +' program, directed at establishing a positive core identity for young people, aiming to prevent and reduce gang linked and weapon orientated violence.

The artwork by David Hitchcock evokes the atmosphere of the period, and together with writers John Short and Emily and Laurence Alison, presents a gripping true life story.

The other new comic from Kult Creations, Cross, is a much more lightweight affair, showing the diversity the company can offer. The Reverend Abigail Cross is a secret agent trained to fight a covert war against werewolves, ghouls, and other forces of darkness.

Written by John Short and drawn by Jason Dennis it's a great story of fast paced comedy horror pitting Cross against Nazi Zombies. There's also a six page back up story by the same creators reprinting an earlier appearance of the red hot Reverend.

As I said above, both comics will be available at BICS this weekend from the Kult Creations table. You can also buy them (and other comics) from the Kult Creations website here:

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