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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Comic Heroes 7 hits the stands

Distribution on Future Publishing's Comic Heroes must be improving as I found three copies in my corner shop this morning. (Usually only WH Smith and one independent shop in town sells it around here.) The latest issue, No.7, is once again packed with a variety of features.

There's not so much to please fans of traditional British comics this time unfortunately. (Partly my fault as I haven't submitted any such features to the mag for a while but I would hope others might also submit some articles.) However for fans of 1980s comics there is an article on Marvel UK's fan fave Transformers comic including comments by Simon Furman.

The rest of the mag is quite superhero-centric, but that's to be expected with a summer of superhero movie blockbusters. There's a fair bit on Batman in this issue, including an interview with Batman Incorporated writer Grant Morrison, a look at the changing face of Batman over the decades, and a feature on the new video game Arkham City.

There are also articles on Supergirl, the Captain America movie, The Punisher, and an interview with the legendary Joe Simon. Outside of the superhero sphere Paul Gravett spotlights the French artist Winshluss whose latest book Pinocchio is a must-buy brilliant adult spin on the classic story. (Out now from Knockabout and not to be missed. Available from Amazon here.)

Comic Heroes always features a section which gives practical advice to aspiring professionals. This issue it looks at the art of comic book lettering with contributions about their experiences from top letterers Simon Bowland, Joe Caramanga, Jim Campbell, Brandon DeStefano, Ellie Deville, Annie Parkhouse, Nate Piekos, Clem Robins, John Roshell, and Ian Sharman.

Add to this a bunch of other features, reviews, the additional Sidekick comic (previewing pages from upcoming comics), a free poster and a free glow-in-the-dark Green Lantern ring that would only fit the very young or the extremely petite and you have another worthy package for your hard earned £7.99.

1 comment:

Jon Ingram said...

They should charge you commission, as your quick rundown on this issue promoted me to buy it.

I very rarely buy comics these days but this particular issue seemed to contain quite a lot of features that I was interested in. Namely the Batman content, Transformers (when it was actually good) and the art of comic book lettering.

The latter feature is of interest to me partly because I'm currently running my own free webcomic called Bifter. I draw everything using Inkscape and have programmed it in a way that allows it to be read by visually impaired users too (who use screanreader software).

Plus it's been designed like the Beano and Dandy covers of the past (due to new web standards for font rendering the masthead looks its best on both Safari and Chrome).

On a side note the free glow-in-the-dark Green Lantern ring actually fitted ;-)

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