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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

David Leach Conquers the Universe... so you don't have to

Not content with being the creator of the Psycho Gran comic, winning TV's Come Dine With Me, and hosting the blog Going To The Cinema So You Don't Have To, David Leach has now conquered the universe in his new comic book David Leach Conquers the Universe.

The 24 page comic features one long complete story revolving around a monstrous danger that threatens the city (the clue is on the cover) and only David Leach can stop it! Or at least the cynical David Leach of this comic universe, who differs in a few ways from the teetotal family man of reality.

Is it egotistical for a comic creator to make himself the headline star of his own power fantasy comic? Probably, but it's entertaining fun and that's what comics need more of. It's all very tongue in cheek but played dead straight, and reminded me in parts of the tone of one of my favourite movies Airplane! with a dash of Looney Tunes cartoons.

I've known David for almost 30 years and I know that when he does a comic he puts his heart and soul into it. The pages of this issue have an incredible amount of work in them and you'll certainly feel you've gotten value for money.This is one of the most enjoyable comics I've read in a long time.

David Leach Conquers the Universe No.1 is published by Dead Universe Publishing and is available from their store on Facebook:


OxfordDickie said...

I don't like to be negative, and i must thank you for posting the link to the useless facebook page, but i really don't have the time to hunt through all that junk there to figure out how i order what looks to be a good comic.

Good artist he may be, business man? that's in question.

Lew Stringer said...

That Facebook page belongs to Dead Universe Comics, not David Leach. You can't blame the artist if the publisher's site doesn't make it clear how to order the comic.

I'm afraid that's the link I was given. It might be worthwhile giving the shop a call, (the number is clearly visible on the Facebook page) but I agree it is an inconvenient way to sell the comic.

OxfordDickie said...

Ah right, my mistake, thought it was his site.

Will try contacting the shop


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