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Friday, July 24, 2015

Some adults are still scared of adult comics

Rich Johnston's Bleeding Cool website is reporting that the next issue of Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out will not be available in Canada due to concerns over its sexual content.

The eight issue mini-series, which runs new stories split over two issues, wraps up with Nebulina in issues 7 and 8. Written by Alex De Campi and illustrated by John Lucas and Ryan Hill the story will no doubt be fun, provocative, with a good dose of horror. It'll also be labeled for Adult Readers and will be polybagged to prevent innocent eyes beholding its content. 

However, even those precautions are not enough for Canada apparently, and the comic will not be on sale in the country. Canadian readers will still be able to download the digital edition from the Dark Horse app, or, presumably, buy it from eBay or other online sellers.

Some days it's hard to believe we live in the 21st Century when one hears of such prudish attitudes. What exactly is the danger of Canadian adults seeing drawings of consenting adults doing what consenting adults do? Obviously such material won't be to everyone's taste and that's fine; just don't buy it. But to stop everyone else from buying it is just censorship. 

As an aside, I was commissioned to produce a back up humour page for that issue and, knowing the comic would have a sexual theme, I created Sex Pest, the misogynistic pubic louse. However, to solve a scheduling problem the strip appeared an issue earlier instead, in Grindhouse No.6, which is available in Canada. In yer face, censors! (Er, not literally. That'd be messy.)
Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out No.7 featuring Nebulina will be on sale in comic stores (except Canada) next Wednesday, 29th July. To see some preview pages, visit the Bleeding Cool site here:

My next strip for the comic will appear in issue 8.

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