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Monday, September 25, 2017

Barbarella is back!

The classic French comic strip popularised by the 1968 cult movie Barbarella, returns to comics in an all-new monthly scripted by British writer Mike Carey and drawn by Kenan Yarar.

Published by American company Dynamite, Barbarella No.1 will be available from comic shops in the UK and USA in December. Here's the info...

(W) Mike Carey (A) Kenan Yarar (CA) Joe Jusko
Earth's star-crossed daughter is back! When Barbarella wanders into a war zone, the theocratic rulers of Parosia arrest and imprison her. A prison break is brewing, but now that she knows what the Parosians do to their own citizens Barbarella decides to make this fight her own...
In Shops: Dec 06, 2017

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