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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Preview: This week's COMMANDO comics

An excellent cover by Neil Roberts leads off this week's four issues of Commando which will be in the shops on Thursday 8th March. Thanks to D.C. Thomson for supplying the info...

5103: Home of Heroes: The Land Army Marches

Isolated in the Norfolk countryside, trapped in a barn with armed Luftwaffe airmen swarming outside, two women decided that, like Mister Churchill said, they’d have to make do and mend. They would never give up hope. After all, they had one advantage over their Nazi invaders: they knew the barn, and the Germans didn’t. That’s when they turned the tables, rigging the barn with a series of traps, turning the hunters into the hunted…

In a tribute to International Women’s Day and celebrating 100 Year of Women’s Suffrage, Iain McLaughlin’s Home Front story centres on the Women’s Land Army and their invaluable services to Britain during the war. We can see this adoring tribute to the WLA in Neil Roberts’ period inspired cover, which pays homage to the now iconic posters.
|Story | Iain McLaughlin | Art | Vicente Alcazar | Cover | Neil Roberts |

5104: Gold Collection: Mission of No Return

In September 1944, a group of brave paratroopers crash-landed into Hell itself! Taking part in Operation Market Garden, they were told to hold their positions until the British Army could advance further towards Arnhem. But the British Army never made it to them. Now captured, those who survived those brutal days at the front were taken to the most notorious POW camp in Germany, governed by the ruthless Commandant Wolfgang Von Kiel, who was hated even by his own men.

Martin’s interior art stands out against other illustrators of his time, choosing a more dynamic contrast in his monochrome instead of overcrowding the page with detail – perfectly matching Allan’s straight to the point tale of the now controversial Operation Market Garden.
|Story | Allan | Art | Martin | Cover | Penalva |
Originally Commando No. 488 (July 1970).

5105: Action and Adventure: Flak Run!

When the SOE set their sights on a Nazi heavy-water plant in Norway, there was only one pilot Squadron Leader Bill Travers had in mind for the job – Nancy Peacocke. But, despite being a test pilot for the WAAF with extra-ordinary skills, Nancy has her own reservations for flying the new De Havilland Mosquitos. But, even if Bill gets Nancy back in the cockpit, she’ll have more than her own fears to face on the flak run to the plant…

Paolo Ongaro’s second issue drawing interiors for Commando only solidifies his exemplary skill in comics art, which combined with first time Commando writer Brent Towns’ stellar story, marks another glorious celebration for 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage, as ‘Flak Run!’s heroine Nancy Peacocke becomes a Commando legend in her own right, taking on Nazis, 2cm Flakvierling 38 anti-aircraft guns, prejudice and her own self-doubt.
|Story | Brent Towns | Art | Paolo Ongaro | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

5106: Silver Collection: Soldiers for Hire

It was 1934, and Joe Lane and Ian Benson were already sick of the army – but when Ian stabs their Sergeant Major in cold blood, both men were forced to flee! So, unable to return home, and with only military training, the two runaways’ only option was to get to Spain and join the International Brigades. However, it wouldn’t be long before Joe realised what kind of soldier Ian really was…

With crisp, clean interiors by Keith Shone and an eye catching dual-tone cover by Ian Kennedy, Anthony Knowles’ tale of duplicity comes into fruition, stunningly conveying the contrast between these two ‘Soldiers for Hire’.
|Story | Anthony Knowles | Art | Keith Shone | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

Originally Commando No. 2762 (May 1994).

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The Land Army Marches- what are the chances that four Land Army pinups pull out of your wrecked plane?


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