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Friday, July 19, 2019

The funniest comic strips ever

A gentle reminder that the two-volume set The Power Pack of Ken Reid is still available from their publisher. These luxurious hardbacks reprint all of Ken Reid's work for Odhams from Wham!, Smash! and Pow! in the 1960s. Most of it has never been reprinted before!

Frankie Stein, the Friendly Monster! The good-natured but ghastly Frankie, created by Professor Cube who subsequently also wants to get rid of him! 

Jasper McGrasper! The Victorian miser and his penny-pinching schemes that invariably backfire!

Queen of the Seas! Enoch, Bert, and their narrowboat, - a recipe for disaster!

Dare-A-Day Davy! He can't resist a dare... even though they're bound to lead to near-fatal consequences for him! 

The Nervs! The microscopic blue-collar workers inside Fatty's innards who work overtime to deal with his constant appetite! 

Plus extensive articles on Ken Reid's life and career, accompanied with rare unseen sketches and artwork!

Some of the most bizarre, and funniest, strips ever seen in British comics. All perfect vehicles for Ken Reid's manic humour. The reproduction of the strips is top notch! Not to be missed!

The books can be bought together, or separately from the publisher Irmantas Povilaika at his website here:

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