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Monday, September 22, 2008

You will be Illuminated!

There's been news recently of music from Doctor Who being played at the Proms, but icons from the series are currently featuring at a prom of a different type, - Blackpool Promenade! (chortle, guffaw, etc).

This year's Blackpool Illuminations include Daleks and the TARDIS along the Golden Mile, near Central Pier and opposite the Doctor Who Exhibition. The Dalek models are a larger scale than the BBC props but are a faithful reproduction, down to the transolar discs or whatever they're called on the base (as first seen in the 1960s Dalek annuals and TV21 strip).

By the way; you may also spot Superman standing atop Louis Tussauds Waxworks in the above photo!

This isn't the first time Doctor Who has featured in Blackpool Illuminations. A few years ago other Who-themed designs were part of the "lights", but those were illustrations rather than the three-dimensional models of 2008.

Speaking of Doctor Who, last week saw the publication of the 400th issue of Doctor Who Magazine. It's been 29 years since it began (as Doctor Who Weekly) and the mag still features a regular Doctor Who comic strip every issue. This month sees the start of a new story, with a ten page episode written by Dan McDaid, with art by Martin Geraghty (pencils), David A. Roach (inks), and James Offredi (colours).

The 76 page issue comes bagged with a massive free poster showing every Doctor Who mag cover since 1979, and a flipside poster of some bloke named David Tennant reading issue one. £3.99 from newsagents and supermarkets.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics, very funny stag night, although I can't help but notice the 'speed camera' sign below the Dalek. I know speeding cars cost lives but Blackpool council employing Daleks to exterminate motorists who do not stick to the limit seems a little harsh.

Anonymous said...

I had a letter printed in 'Dr.Who Magazine' ( when it was a weekly ) in 1979. If anyone had told me at the time it would still be running in 2008 I would have laughed. I still love the magazine ( though I wish they would make the print a bit bigger. I'm not young anymore! )

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Oh, no Billy Piper mounted to a lampost ! :( Pity, I'd have liked to have stood under and looked up at her !

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