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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The DFC at Tesco - for one week only

Six months after its launch as a subscription-only weekly comic, The DFC will be available to buy off the shelf from retail giant Tesco. This is a special promotion and is for one week only, from 26th November to 2nd December at a reduced cover price of £1.99. The issue will only be available at Tesco, and no other retail store. (UPDATE: Unfortunately The DFC doesn't seem to be distributed in every Tesco branch as my nearest store had never heard of it.)

DFC contributor Dave Shelton explains: "It's the regular issue [No.26] identical to the one that subscribers will receive, except for the cover which is by Neill Cameron on the Tesco edition (I think that Laura Howell has done the cover for the regular subscription version."

Hopefully full resum├ęs of the stories will be included to bring new readers up to speed on the serials.

This is a natural (and no doubt expensive) move for The DFC to take, so it'll be interesting to see how it fares for its first venture in public as it were. Critics of the subscription-only method now have no excuse not to sample a copy, and the special £1.99 cover price gives it a fair advantage over many other comics / magazines.

A review of the issue should appear here sometime during its promo week, but don't wait for my opinion. Give The DFC a try if you haven't already, and support a totally original, non-licensed, full comic strip publication from the UK.

Thanks to Laura Howell and Dave Shelton for the info. More details over on Laura's blog.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Will it be on sale in Smiths too? My Tesco is outside town.

Lew Stringer said...

No, it's just a special promo for Tesco. Worth driving out to your local branch to buy it!

Anonymous said...

I'll buy a copy... if there are any left!

LauraH said...

Or get a friend who lives nearer to one to pick a copy up for you (and one for themselves while they're at it:)

BTW, I've got the cover for issue 27 now, so the subscriber version of 26 is still a mystery. Might still be Neill's Mo-Bot image, but with different layout...?

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