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Friday, November 28, 2008

New Garth comic book online

Recent weeks have seen the classic Daily Mirror hero Garth return in an online web-strip on the website. Now the strip has been collected into an online comic book for free over on the website.

What's A powerful design, publishing and marketing tool for anyone who wants to get their project out there. Whether it be a comic, novel, magazine, or brochure you can put your publication online for free. Then, if you want more out of it you can join their business program which gives you access to more features and a share in ad revenue that appears in your books. For more information visit the site's home page at

It's a relatively new venture but so far it looks very promising. There are already a number of comics on myebook as a browse of the site will demonstrate.

So how does the Garth comic hold up? To me, the artwork of Huw-J looked Manga-influenced, which some purists may not like, but it brings a modern look to the character. After all, wasn't a contemporary style just what Frank Bellamy gave us in the 1970s? Speaking of which, although many consider Bellamy's version to be the definitive Garth Huw-J's version still looks suitably powerful. If anything lets it down it's the huge word balloons. Incidentally, the cover for the online comic book is by Andie Tong, the excellent artist of Panini's Spectacular Spider-Man comic.

How Garth progresses remains to be seen. Rumour has it the strip will appear in the Daily Mirror itself soon. (It's about time the cartoon section of that paper had a shake up.) I'll also be watching the progress of which looks like it could be very useful for comic creators...

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Unknown said...

Just found Myebook and it's great (but very slow to load, and I have 50MB broadband!!), but Garth needs a password to view...can we have it please??

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