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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hunt Emerson on Fred's Bed

This week's Beano features a revamp of one of its old strips. Reprints of the Tom Paterson Beezer strip Fred's Bed had been running in The Beano for a couple of years but now the strip has been given a makeover with an all new series illustrated by Hunt Emerson.

The reprint had always proven popular with Beano readers but the source was finite, so commissioning new strips was always likely. (I drew a brand new episode for the 2007 Christmas issue.) The new version of Fred's Bed has a few changes to the original; Fred himself has been redesigned and he now sets his alarm clock to control where he travels in time instead of the random occurrence in the original strip.

Hunt Emerson is a natural for the strip and I'm sure it'll continue to prove to be very popular with Beano readers!

The Beano No.3480 is currently available from supermarkets and newsagents. 32 full colour pages for £1.25 Other strips in this issue include Minnie the Minx drawn by Ken Harrison, Lord Snooty the Third illustrated by Nigel Parkinson, Johnny Bean drawn by Laura Howell and Super School drawn by myself.

Visit Hunt's website here:


LauraH said...

Haven't got my Beano yet - looking forward to it (although I'd seen the line art of Hunt's Fred pages a couple of months ago). Also, Super School on the cover - yay!

BTW, I'm taking over art duties on Ratz now Hunt's doing this - although I don't know if one of mine is in the current issue.

Lew Stringer said...

No Ratz in this issue Laura. The competition page perhaps squeezed it out. Johnny Bean is in there though and you have a Robin Hoodie page in this week's Toxic. (Haven't received my comp copy yet but I bought it from the shop.)

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