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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Misadventures of Jane

Picked this up from Forbidden Planet the other day; the latest release from Titan Books, - and what a classy book it is. The Misadventures of Jane is a quality hardback, with dust jacket, presenting classic strips from World War 2 and additional features not seen for over 60 years.

As every schoolboy (over the age of 70) knows, Jane was the Daily Mirror's popular cheesecake serial strip written by J.H.G. ("Don") Freeman and illustrated by Norman Pett. Jane's misadventures, which inevitably led to her being in a state of undress or nudity, seem very tame and quite refined today, but in the 1940s were considered to be quite racy. Yet even back then I understand the strip was taken in good humour by all, which of course was its intention.

The book contains two long black and white complete serials: N.A.A.F.I. Say Die! and Behind the Front from the war years plus a great selection of bonus features from Jane's Journal which have never been reprinted before. These include pin up art and an eight page full colour adventure. There are also rare photographs of artist Norman Pett at work with his model Chrystabel Leighton-Porter.

The black and white strips were previously reprinted in the softback Jane At War many years ago, but this time the strips are printed on far better paper with better reproduction.

Edited by David Leach, The Misadventures of Jane is another top quality book from Titan that is sure to appeal to aficionados of newspaper strips, glamour art and wartime memorabilia. At the height of the strip's popularity it was read by four million people a day! At the R.R.P. of £12.99 it's well worth the money, and Forbidden Planet are currently selling it even cheaper at an excellent discount on their online shop HERE.


spleenal said...

She's probably accepted by all because she ends up in her underwear by accident.

She's a good girl.

She's not shouting "Hey frits check out these guns!"

Thanks for your comments on the forum by the way.

Anonymous said...

I like the story that Winston Churchill made sure that Jane was naked on V.E Day to please the troops who had been spreading it as a rumour for year! Not sure if its true or not, sure someone will know.

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