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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amazing cover galleries

Just a quick blog today as deadlines loom but here's a link to a website that should keep you fascinated for hours, if not days. Maybe even weeks. Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics is a fantastic index of DC Comics over the decades which provides background information on the characters and all kinds of other info. The best feature being an exhaustive cover gallery. Click on the Time Machine section, choose a year, select your month, and you'll see all the DC comics that had that cover date (or at least as many as Mike Voiles has scanned in so far, which is a lot).

Mike's now also opened up his Amazing World of Marvel Comics, which does the same for Marvel from 1939 to 1999. Again it's not complete yet but there are still hundreds of covers to see when you step onto the Time Platform. Behold the comics we'll never afford! Gasp at the way the cover art used to actually represent the content! It's a must-see website that's taken Mike ages to produce and is an ongoing project. Well worth a visit and definitely worth bookmarking!

1 comment:

Peter Richardson said...

Totally amazing - hour and hours now to be consigned to trawling through this site. Personal favourites are the Gil Kane and Carmine Infantino DC covers from the '60's, when I was collecting these things.

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