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Monday, November 30, 2009

Preview: The Christmas TOXIC

Here's a sneak preview of the festive edition of Egmont's Toxic, which will be in the shops next week, from Wednesday 9th December.

This issue has six free gifts, which due to today's health and safety requirements has necessitated that huge wad of small print on the cover telling parents not to allow kids to wear free plastic ears "when hearing may enhance safety (ie: crossing the road)" and not to use the free Bat Shooter to aim at eyes or face. Legal requirements of the 21st Century eh? Sheesh.

Fighting for space on the cover next to the legalese is a Team Toxic cover by John Rushby. Inside, there's the usual mix of features and strips designed to appeal to 7 to 11 year old boys including items on Doctor Who and the Planet 51 movie. In Whizzer and Chips style the middle 16 pages consist of a pull out mag: Toxic Gamer featuring cheats and guides to numerous video games.

Sadly there's no Robin Hoodie this issue but there are still six pages of comic strip: two new pages by me, Team Toxic in Christmas on Mars and a four pager of mine as a reprint from a few years back: Crazy Christmas. And of course it wouldn't be a proper UK comic Christmas without characters stuffing their faces with turkey in the festive slap up feeds which round off each strip. Gotta keep up the fine comic traditions of artists such as Roy Wilson and Dudley Watkins!

All in all it's a busy and packed issue, and as it's the Christmas edition it will be on sale longer, for a month instead of a fortnight. £3.99 from newsagents, supermarkets and other retail stores from next week.

1 comment:

Peter Gray said...

Love the 3D effect of his nose on the really jumps out at you..

Also fun the cracker rocket..

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