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Friday, February 19, 2010

Next week's Classics

Here's the information on No.167 of the reprint monthly Classics from the Comics that will be on sale next week, Thursday February 25th. It includes a spotlight on artist Barrie Appleby, who has freelanced for D.C. Thomson for many years including stints on Cracker, The Dandy and more.

Full list of contents:

4 Dennis the Menace
6 Calamity Kate
7 Peter Pest
8 Tom Tum
9 Wee Ben Nevis
10 Morgyn the Mighty
13 Joe Soap
14 Saucy Sue
15 My Home Town – Woking
16 Minnie the Minx
17 Biffo the Bear
18 Saucy Sue
19 The Nibblers
20 Corporal Clott
22 Baby Crockett
23 The Three Bears
24 Mickey the Monkey
25 Bully Beef and Chips
26 Pansy Potter
27 Little Plum
28 Classic artist – Barrie Appleby
29 Whoops-a-Daisy
30 Slojak
32 Sleepy Ed
33 Dennis and Gnasher
34 Dimples
35 Cuddles
36 Spotted Dick
37 Granny
38 Jonah
39 Rah Rah Randall
40 Dreamy Daniel
41 WIN!
42 The School Belles
44 Claude Hopper
45 Billy Whizz
46 The Truth About Wilson
50 The Tricks of Screwy Driver
51 Black Bun
52 The Bash Street Kids
54 Puzzle Time!
56 Baby-face Finlayson
57 Korky the Cat
58 Puss an’ Boots
60 Calamity James
61 Tiny
62 Roger the Dodger
63 The Smasher
64 Smiffy
65 Fred the Flop
66 Ivy the Terrible
67 Hungry Horace
68 Biffo the Bear

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1 comment:

Andy Boal said...

They're really not very good at identifying artists these days... they've credited John Dallas with drawing Saucy Sue twice in the last few months (actually by Dave Gudgeon), and the Cuddles strip in this issue is drawn by Steve Bright...

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