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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Harker - Britain's new crime comic

Wouldn't it be great if there was a new UK adventure comic? A nice quirky crime story perhaps, set in the UK, by British creators, and published every month? Imagine such a comic, there just out of sight, in the corner of your eye.

Well, one such comic is real and has been coming out every month since April 2009 and, to my shame, I hadn't gotten around to plugging it properly on this blog until now. (Sorry lads!) Harker is it's name and it's written by Roger Gibson and drawn by Vince Danks. Issue 12 has just been published and there's also a graphic novel collection of the first six issues to buy under the title The Key of Solomon.

Both creators will have a table at this weekend's Bristol Comic Expo (May 22nd-23rd, Ramada Hotel Bristol) so if you're attending check it out.

...and if you're not attending, buy the comic anyway from their official website at Ariel Press:

1 comment:

Paul Bishop said...

Thx for the heads-up on this. It's something I'm definitely interested in reading.

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