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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Show your wares at KaPow! Comic Con

Press release from the Comic Book Alliance:


To raise money for an incredibly worthwhile cause Kapow! Comic Con has released 25 special sales tables at the show on 9th and 10th April 2011. This amazing offer has been exclusively created to raise funds for the Comic Book Alliance (CBA).

With a minimum suggested donation per table this is every aspiring creator and small press publishers chance to get their comics out to a waiting audience, and perhaps get that big break. Tim Pilcher, Chair of the CBA said, “We are deeply grateful to the Kapow! team for donating these tables, and the money they’ll raise for the Comic Book Alliance. Now, even those with limited resources have the opportunity to take part in one of the most exciting conventions happening this year. While there is a minimum donation we sincerely hope that creators will be generous and able to contribute more, so that the CBA will be able to continue supporting the British Comics industry.”

The tables are limited to one per small press publisher/creator and come with two chairs and one weekend pass (an extra pass is available for an additional fee). But the booking deadline is soon! Creators must contact the CBA and make their donations before Friday 18th March. To find out more details and to request a booking form email:

The Comic Book Alliance, “The Voice of the British Comics Industry”, is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of British comic books, graphic novels, webcomics and sequential art in its many forms, as well as British-based and ex-pat comic creators—be they artists, writers, colourists, letterers or editors. The organisation arranges a wide range of activities from a legal fund and advice, press launches, exhibitions, gallery shows, fund-raising events, educational programs, publications and other events, for professionals and the public.

Visitors to Kapow! will be amongst the first in the world to get an exclusive look at various upcoming comics, games, movie blockbusters and hit TV shows from the biggest publishers and studios in the world.

Other confirmed events at Kapow! include:

Jonathan Ross’ Comic Pros v. Comic Fans Gameshow

The Stan Lee Awards

Movie X: A secret screening of an upcoming superhero film that doesn’t release at until after the event

Exclusive panels with hit TV shows such as The Walking Dead, Being Human, True Blood and Misfits

Cosplay Competition

The biggest names in UK & US Comic-Books

Free autographs

UK & US Publisher Portfolio Reviews

Tickets are on sale now at only available in advance. There will be no on the door ticket sales. Please join us on Twitter and Facebook to receive regular updates and announcements on the show.

If you require any further information on the CBA please contact Tim Pilcher on or call 07986 995 938

For further information on Kapow! please contact


Anonymous said...

'incredibly worthwhile' really? A charity to help the terminally ill, the underprivileged or the abused is worthwhile but comic books? Come now Lew I know it's your living but get a sense of proportion.

Lew Stringer said...

I didn't write the press release. I just published their comments in full as a favour to the Comics Alliance. You ok with that?

TimTrue said...

Cheers, Lew! (BTW - The Comics Alliance is a US-based news site. Please don't get used confused with them! We are the Comic BOOK Alliance or CBA)

Hey Anonymous, We didn't write the press release either, that was Kapow being very nice! But what this country needs is an organised body to represent the concerns of the industry. That's our goal. I think that's reasonably worthwhile, and if you don't, why are you bothering to read Lew's blog?! ;-)

All the best,

Tim Pilcher
Comic Book Alliance

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Tim. Sorry for the typo in my comment.

Promoting and representing the UK comics industry is indeed very worthwhile. British comics are treated badly by the public in this country so anything that tries to address that is good.

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