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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Funny Monsters Comic returns

The third issue of Joe Matthews' humour title Funny Monsters Comic is out now. With the major UK publishers seemingly hesitant to launch a new children's humour comic Joe took it upon himself last year to publish his own. It's not an easy task to self-publish and Funny Monsters Comic only appears occasionally but it's good to see another issue arrive.

This issue features four comic strips; Bed Bugs, Werewolf Growl, Funny Monsters, and Zackster Kid Zombie. (No relation to Kid Zombie of the long running Team Toxic strip in Egmont's Toxic.) There's also a two page Milly Monster Hunter prose story, a handful of activity pages, and a back page pin-up. There's also a couple of free trading cards and a set of stickers. 

It's a slim comic at 16 pages but it's all in full colour, contains no ads, is superbly printed on nice matt stock and costs just £1 if you buy it from Joe's table at any comic event he attends. Alternatively you can order a copy by post for just £2 (including postage and packing) via PayPal to    
Support the British comics industry and buy a copy today. 

Joe Matthews will be attending the Lancaster Comics Day event on Sunday 14th June where you can buy issues from him and have a chat about his work.

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